Opening of the Short Term Experiences Summer 2020/2021 round of applications is currently pending in light of the COVID-19 situation. A final decision on whether these experiences will go ahead is expected on Friday 7 August.

Asia & Oceania


Latin America

North America

  • Harvard Summer School

    North America | USA | Philosophy, Sociology, Anthropology, Film, TV & Media, Mathematics, Physics, Law, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biomedical Sciences, Music, Chinese, English Literature, Writing, Computer Science, Information technology, Communication, Digital Media, & Public Relations, Drama, Economics, English, Environmental Science, Sustainability, Earth & Geographical Sciences, Business Administration, French, Finance, German, Political Science, International relations, Development, Criminology, Classical Languages, Architecture, Art History, History, Italian, Japanese, Journalism, Management, Psychology, Religion, Russian, Spanish
    Undergraduate & Postgraduate MBA | Study
    For-credit and not-for-credit
  • CIS Australia July in Vancouver Island

    North America | Canada | Business
    Undergraduate | Study
    For-credit only
  • Projects Abroad Disaster Management Internship in Jamaica

    North America | Jamaica
    Undergraduate & Postgraduate | Internship - Work Experience
  • University of Calgary International Summer Program

    North America | Canada | Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Nursing, Public Health
    Undergraduate | Study
    For-credit or not-for-credit
  • HEC Montreal Business French Summer School

    North America | Canada | French Language
    Undergraduate | Study
    For-credit only
  • University of North Carolina Summer School

    North America | USA | Anthropology, Sociology, Languages, Art History, Earth and Geographical Sciences, Biological Sciences, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Regional and Town Planning, History and Ancient History, Communication, Computer science, Drama, Economics, Education, English literature, Environmental Science, Exercise Science, Nutrition Science, International Relations, Mathematics, Film, Media & TV, Journalism, Music, Peace and Conflict Studies, Political Science, Philosophy, Physics, Psychology, Public Policy, Religion
    Undergraduate | Study
    For-credit only
  • CIS Australia July in Los Angeles

    North America | USA | Humanities, Business, Health, Technology, Engineering, Education, Sciences
    Undergraduate | Study
    For-credit only

Middle East & North Africa