Learn to see the world differently through a short-term global experience.

We support over 100 opportunities around the world each semester break.

This wide variety of opportunities gives you the flexibility to choose an experience that suits your personal needs and goals.

 Earlybird Deadlines

10 March 2017 for Winter 2017

*Winter 2017 Deadline extended to April 30

10 Sept 2017 for Summer 2017/18

Short-term experiences explained

When you search for a short-term experience there will be terms you may not be familiar with. These terms can affect your ability to participate.

Top tips

Here are our top 10 tips to try and make the application process as streamlined as possible.

 Understand what you want to achieve

 Speak to an academic advisor 

 Create a budget - don't rely on funding

 Apply early

 Make sure your passport is valid

 Research visa requirements before applying

 Do not book flights until your plans are confirmed

 Discuss course changes with UQ Faculty

 Get suitable travel insurance

 Sign up with Smartraveller before you go

Information for providers

The UQ Abroad office will assess and progress all programs that are submitted to them by their partners and approved providers