Student Exchange Costs and Funding

We estimate that a semester of exchange will cost between $12,000 and $15,000. This includes airfares, accommodation, insurance, visa and food costs. The exact amount will depend on the cost of living in your host country.

You remain liable for tuition fees at UQ as you will remain enrolled in a standard full-time load at UQ (8 units) while overseas. This means that you do not have to pay tuition fees to your host university.

Please note that tuition fee and student contribution rates increase each year. You can use the Fee Schedules to check on the tuition you will be charged while on exchange:

Domestic students: click on Domestic and check the fees for Exchange Studies (EXCH).

International students: Click on International and refer to the relevant fee schedule.


There is a variety of student exchange funding available to you. Funding to support students undertaking global experiences is awarded by a selection committee on the basis of:

  • academic merit at the time of application (GPA as it appears on your UQ Studies Report)
  • academic progression at the time of application (number of units completed)
  • financial hardship
  • other scholarships awarded to the student for participation in a global experience.

If you are accepted into the student exchange program by Global Experiences, you are automatically considered for one of the following grants and scholarships:

Student Exchange Scholarships and Travel Grants

The Student Exchange Scholarships and Travel Grants are awarded twice a year and provide financial assistance to students undertaking a Global Experiences-supported exchange semester.

Student Exchange Scholarships are worth $3,000 each.

Travel Grants are worth $1,000 each. 

  • Applicants must have been accepted into the Student Exchange Program by Global Experiences 
  • Note: UQ will take into consideration any other funding administered by UQ when allocating exchange scholarships and travel grants

    New Colombo Plan Mobility Funding

    The New Colombo Plan Mobility semester-based funding, provided by the Australian Government, subsidises the cost of going on exchange to partners in the Indo-Pacific region.

    Funding for supported destinations changes every year.


    To be eligible for this funding you must:

    • be an Australian citizen. Students cannot receive a grant to undertake a mobility project in a host location in which they currently have dual citizenship or residency rights, or in which they have previously been a citizen or permanent resident
    • be studying at an undergraduate level
    • not have previously received government funding for the UQ Student Exchange Program

    Multiple $7,000 grants are available for students going on exchange in semester 2, 2020 to: