Careers and employability

What is employability?

At UQ we are committed to enhancing your employability by helping you to develop the capabilities that will make you effective in whatever work you choose to do. 

We enhance your employability by supporting you to engage in a range of experiences, teaching you how to identify the skills and attributes that you have developed through those experiences, and to talk about your potential in a way that employers understand.

Our approach to employability goes beyond simply getting a job. We focus on how you can use your capabilities to perform effectively in the workplace, to create work opportunities, and to make an impact through your work.

Video: The UQ Employability Framework.

UQ’s approach to student employability development is based on four stages: Awareness, Experience, Learning and Transfer.
UQ provides you with a range of opportunities to enrich your studies and develop your employability.
Learn how to unlock your personal and professional development to maximise your career success.
Showcase your employability and reflect on your learning and life experiences through your very own ePortfolio.

Give yourself the edge

Explore the range of enrichment and employability development opportunities available to you. From Global Experiences and research programs to Student-Staff Partnerships and Internships, there is something that can help you get the edge.
Connect with industry, find employment opportunities and get prepared to enter the job market.
There are a variety of scholarships, grants and loans available to UQ students who wish to go on exchange, participate in short-term programs, volunteering and other extra-curricular activities.

Upcoming events and workshops

How to submit a Project idea?

29 October 2021 10:00am11:00am
Learn about what is involved with Student-Staff Partnership projects and how you can submit a Project idea.

Practera Nano Programs: Summer 2021-2022 Internships Information Session

3 November 2021 12:00pm1:00pm
Practera is a project-based experiential learning platform, designed by teachers and instructional designers to support the process of experiential and work integrated learning.

Semester-based Exchange Q&A, NCP Funding and Panel Session

4 November 2021 1:00pm2:00pm
The team will answer any of your questions regarding your semester-based exchange and NCP Funding, and join exchange alumni as they share their study abroad experience

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