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There are a variety of scholarships, grants and loans available to UQ students who wish to go on exchange, participate in short-term programs, volunteering and other extra-curricular activities.

We are currently reviewing the student exchange funding arrangements for 2017. The intent of this review is to provide funding to enable as many students as possible to undertake global experiences in order to enhance their employability.

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These funding opportunities are for UQ students travelling overseas

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OS‑HELP loans are available to Commonwealth supported students who are undertaking study overseas.
Students are automatically considered for the following four types of funding managed by the UQ Student Employability Centre.
The UQ Student Employability Centre offers funding to support students participating in short-term program for credit participants.
UQ Employability Grants promote student mobility and encourages participation in a wide range of extra-curricular activities.
This funding program provides an opportunity for students to undertake study in the Indo-Pacific region.
The Westpac Asian Exchange Scholarship offers students the opportunity to spend a semester at a leading Asian university.

These funding opportunities are for activities within Australia

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UQ Sponsorship Grants provides financial support to student groups and associations to further develop their skills, networks and experiences.
UQ Employability Grants offer financial support to subsidise your involvement in activities which enrich your studies and university experience.
Make your university experience easier and more affordable with the support of a scholarship.

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