Recruitment process

The recruitment process is not linear.

There a range of different steps that may occur depending on the industry or type of organisation. These may include submitting a resume, cover letter, participating in an interview or assessment centre, or undertaking psychological testing.

Learn more about enhancing your application to set yourself apart through our range of resources.

 Create a job searching strategy

 Identify suitable job searching platforms

 Read the job listing carefully

Access resources which guide you through the process of developing written applications, including resumes, cover letters, and selection criteria.
Learn about a range of tests that are used to measure a candidates suitability for a role based on factors such as personality characteristics, aptitude and/or cognitive abilities.
Learn about the activities that employers use to assess candidates suitability including group exercises, presentations, and examinations.
Access resources which describe the interview process and help develop your confidence with participating in an interview.

Recruitment Toolkit

We have curated a range of resources that you can utilise to help you find and understand the requirements of your next job.