Practice your interview skills and build your confidence through accessing resources and opportunities.

Although methods differ across sectors and organisations, an interview will be the primary tool that a recruiter will use to screen and select the most appropriate candidate for a position.

The interview panel will generally ask a variety of scenario-based and technical questions to determine your suitability for the role.  Interviewing professionally is critical for success.  Utilising the STAR technique is an effective way to answer the panels queries whist presenting yourself professionally.

 Research the organisation

 Dress the part

 Structure your responses

Opportunities to prepare for your interview

The Careers 101 and Career Advancement programs offer you the opportunity to practice and refine your interview technique.
Sign up for the Employability Award and have the opportunity to practice your interview technique by articulating your experiences.

Interview Toolkit

We have curated a range of resources that you can utilise to develop your interview technique.