Expand your practical skillset through work experience

Work experience allows you to apply and contextualise your studies in an organisational environment and gain a competitive edge in the job market. 

This will help you discover workplace processes and communication, build your interpersonal skills and expose you to a new professional network. 


Information for employers

 Contextualise your studies

 Gain workplace experience

 Build your professional network

Find opportunities

The Internships and Global Experiences Team offers a range of domestic, virtual and global internship opportunities to UQ students.
The internship program is a volunteer extra-curricular program and is offered during the Summer and Winter breaks.
Work on a 2-week real-world business experience, via virtual collaboration with your student team, and client.
Experiences supported by local or overseas government organisation that you can consider.
A taste of a virtual internship, Forage offer free virtual experience programs that are self-paced and take 5-6 hours to complete.
We aim to strengthen the connection between students and employers, and contribute to further enhancing inclusion in the workplace.

Unpaid Work Experience

If you are looking to undertake unpaid work experience outside of your required coursework, you can learn more about how UQ can assist.

How to prepare

Listen to advice from employers on how you can best prepare for your placement