The LEAP (Learning, Education, and Academic Placements) program is a partnership between Gold Coast Health (GCH) and several educational institutions, including The University of Queensland. This partnership allows GCH to host students as interns in non-clinical placements, providing valuable learning opportunities and access to talented individuals from top educational institutions for GCH. 

To get started, check out the Opportunities Below for a list of current non-clinical internship projects offered by GCH. Each row on the table below represents a placement opportunity. The information will be updated regularly to highlight when an opportunity has been filled and to add new ones as they become available. 

Depending on the student’s UQ enrolment, the experience can be either a Work Integrated Learning Placement or a Work Experience. The student would also be expected to complete an Entry Level Opportunity (ELO) Agreement with Gold Coast Health before commencing the placement and the ELO agreement has been reviewed and endorsed by UQ’s Legal Service.

For more information, and for all applications please contact:

Gold Coast Health LEAP Program 2023 Opportunities
(Note: Each row indicates a unique placement opportunity)


Primary Discipline

Secondary Discipline

Application closing date

GCH LEAP: Business Internship - Business Case Development for Lung Function Laboratories ExpansionAll DisciplinesBusiness04-Nov-23
GCH LEAP: Business/Communications Internship - Clinical Governance Education ProjectBusiness/ Communication/ ManagementAll Disciplines04-Nov-23
GCH LEAP: Construction Management Internship: Secure Mental Health Rehabilitation FacilityConstruction Management/ EngineeringAll Disciplines04-Nov-23
GCH LEAP: Corporate Governance Internship - GRC System Change Project at Gold Coast HealthLaw/ Governance, Risk and AssuranceAll Disciplines04-Nov-23
GCH LEAP: Data Analytics Internship - Hospital Avoidance and Discharge Support with IMPACCT ServicesBusinessAll Disciplines04-Nov-23
GCH LEAP: Data Management Internship - Streamlining Quality Assurance Data CollectionInformation Technology/ Data ScienceAll Disciplines04-Nov-23
GCH LEAP: Development of Recruitment Timeline and Appointment Guide for Junior Medical OfficersBusiness/ Human Resources/ Employment RelationsAll Disciplines04-Nov-23
GCH LEAP: IT Internship - Technology Solution To Support Parent's Engagement With Infants in NICUInformation TechnologyAll Disciplines04-Nov-23
GCH LEAP: IT/Business Internship: Clinical Informatics Training and SupportInformation TechnologyAll Disciplines04-Nov-23
GCH LEAP: Management Accounting InternshipCommerce/ Accounting/ Economics/ FinanceAll Disciplines04-Nov-23
GCH LEAP: Robot Process Automation – UiPath ProjectSoftware Development/ Software EngineeringAll Disciplines04-Nov-23
GCH LEAP: Roster Support Officer Internship: Managing Staffing Relief in HealthcareAll DisciplinesBusiness/ Human Resources/ Employment Relations/ Logistics and Supply Chain/ Management04-Nov-23
GCH LEAP: Information Technology Internship - Dashboard Development for Innovation PortalInformation Technology/ Computer & Software EngineeringAll Disciplines06-Nov-23
GCH LEAP: Business Internship - Expansion of Midwifery Group Practice Model Business Case DevelopmentBusiness/ Communication/ ManagementAll Disciplines06-Nov-23
GCH LEAP: IT/Data Internship - Child Protection Unit Webpage and Data System RedesignInformation Technology/ Computer & Software EngineeringAll Disciplines06-Nov-23
GCH Learning Experience and Academic Placements Program

For more information, and for all applications please contact: