About employability

At UQ we are committed to enhancing your employability by helping you to develop the capabilities that will make you effective in whatever work you choose to do. 

We enhance your employability by supporting you to engage in a range of experiences, teaching you how to identify the skills and attributes that you have developed through those experiences, and to talk about your potential in a way that employers understand.

Our approach to employability goes beyond simply getting a job. We focus on how you can use your capabilities to perform effectively in the workplace, to create work opportunities, and to make an impact through your work.

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Employability fast facts

Figures based on data for 2017 UQ Student Employability Centre-supported activities


Supported global experiences


Student volunteers assisted with 200+ events


UQ Employability Award participants


Attendees at major UQ employability events including Careers Fair.


Undergraduate research scholars


Internships, jobs and placement advertised to UQ students

UQ Employability Framework

UQ’s approach to student employability development is based on experiential learning. The skills and attributes that employers are looking for can be developed and enhanced through your experiences both at university and in your life off campus. Our student employability approach is based on four stages.









Employability is more than just getting a job.  It is the ongoing development of discipline knowledge and skills, and personal attributes that enable you to perform effectively within a work environment, and allow you to successfully navigate your career journey.

To help you understand employability better, and to develop your own employability, we have developed a free, self-paced online course.

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Participating in a range of experiences develops valuable skills and attributes which enhance your employability. We promote opportunities and support students to participate in experiences that build professional and personal cababilities that employers value. 

The Employability Award provides students with a structure for engaging in extracurricular activities to develop their employability, and allows them to gain recognition for their involvement.

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Just having an experience is not enough to develop your employability. You need to reflect on these experiences to understand what skills and attributes you used, and how you can apply them again to best effect in a work context.

We teach students how to self-reflect to translate experience into learning using the SEAL process of self-reflection, and how this experiential learning enchances your employability.

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Knowing how to communicate your employability effectively in the recruitment process is critical to securing employment, but is it also important that you are able to perform effectively in the workplace.

Using your reflections on your experiences we will help you to understand how to communicate your potential to an employer as well as make a positive contribution through work.

Get career ready

For employers

Organisations can benefit from the up-to-date knowledge, skills and enthusiasm that a student brings.

Why engage with us?

By engaging with UQ students, your organisation can assist with the development of the next generation of young professionals.

Our students can provide your organisation with innovative ideas and new perspectives, a range of up to date technical skills, and an eagerness to learn.

Hosting students at your organisation provides you with an understanding of the skills and capabilities of UQ students and allows you to contribute to the development of students who may become future employees.

How to engage?

To advertise employment, internship, graduate, or volunteer opportunities to current or recently graduated students please post your opportunity on UQ StudentHub.

To arrange an employer presentation on campus to showcase your organisation or to get involved in other university employability events please contact UQ Careers

If you would like to work with particular disciplines to offer placements, projects, mentorship or case studies please contact our Work Integrated Learning Coordinator