Summer & Winter Research Programs

In the knowledge-based global economy, in-demand skills include the ability to think and reason critically, develop innovative ideas, analyse data and clearly explain results.

The Summer and Winter Research Programs are coordinated by Student Enrichment and Employability Development (SEED) in conjunction with University of Queensland (UQ) research units and provide an opportunity for motivated UQ students to participate in an educational research experience. 

During the programs, students will team up with some of the University's leading academics and researchers to engage in research-related activities for a selected project.  In doing so, students have the opportunity to further develop and apply their degree specific knowledge whilst developing valuable research and professional capabilities.   Further support is available through a range of professional development workshops, networking sessions and opportunities to present the research.   

The programs are offered during the university vacation periods (June to July & November to February) and all selected students will receive a scholarship.  Participation is open to undergraduate (including honours) and postgraduate coursework students who are currently enrolled and will maintain ongoing enrolment in a program at UQ. 


Important dates

2021/2022 Summer Research Program
6-10 weeks between November to February.  Applications have closed.

2022 Winter Research Program
4-5 weeks between June and July.

Benefits for students


  • an opportunity to develop new academic and professional capabilities to enhance employability
  • experience in research as a "test-drive" before embarking on future research studies
  • access to research networks and connections with staff and postgraduate students
  • supervision by world-class UQ researchers
  • possibility of obtaining credit towards your degree

Benefits for staff


  • collaboration helps identify new areas of exploration
  • scholars can facilitate the process towards publication
  • opportunity to identify potential Honours and HDR candidates
  • gaining experience in supervising and mentoring students

Frequently Asked Questions

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What our scholars say

Hear from previous Winter Research Program scholars about their stories and advice

James Hill
"The Winter Research Program is such a valuable way for students like myself to increase their employment prospects. Once you get your foot in the door, one experience can easily turn into three."
Jeremy Briggs
"The skills and experience I gained from my experience are invaluable and I’d strongly encourage anyone to apply for a project, even if they are not interested in pursuing research long term."
Simona Sarmiento
"Not only have I gained a wealth of knowledge in terms of technical and analytical skills, but I have made contacts with other students studying similar majors and staff members/post doctorates."
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