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The University of Queensland has cancelled all Global Experiences, both Exchange and Short Term, for Semesters 1 and 2, 2020 and Winter 2020. We hope to be able to facilitate a Global Experience for you in 2021.

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Global experiences help you develop independence, maturity and other important life skills that enhance your professional and personal life.

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Global Experiences COVID-19 FAQs

Existing Exchanges

​I don’t want to continue with my exchange but I will not be enrolling in Semester 1 at UQ either. What are the next steps? How do I cancel with my host? What does this mean for insurance? 

If you wish to return to Australia but do not want to lose this semester of study, have you checked if you host university is offering online studies? Can you continue your exchange studies from the host university remotely? 

If you wish to return to Australia and take this semester off – please confirm that you are withdrawing completely from your exchange program by emailing

If you end your exchange early, you have until March 31st to un-enrol yourself from EXCH codes in SI-net. 

You should also inform the host university's International Office before you depart and complete any exit requirements (surveys, fees, fines etc). 

​I am in contact with my host university to ask them about my options to study online, what else should I be asking my host university? 

If you are living on-campus, we suggest asking if that accommodation will remain open if the rest of the university closes and what support the university is providing to you if you are confined to your room.  

Be sure to seek clarification around whether online coursework will continue until the end of semester, or possibility of completing exams remotely from Australia. 

Ask if there are any refunds possible if you are returning home or travelling to another location. 

​What process should I follow for any insurance claims relating to travel changes?

Once you have recovered all possible expenses from an airline, travel agent, accommodation provider or other source, you can submit a travel insurance claim for any remaining out of pocket expenses. 

Please refer to the other FAQs regarding the circumstances in which a claim is likely to be accepted by UQ's travel insurer. Cover for cancellation will only be available where cancellation was necessary for reasons other than the UQ-imposed travel restriction. 

All claims will be assessed by UQ's Travel Insurer on a case-by-case basis, and in accordance with the policy terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations.  

To submit a travel insurance claim for out-of-pocket expenses due to postponement or cancellation of your travel, please complete and sign a copy of the Travel Insurance Claim form, and email it to with the following supporting documentation: 

  1. A copy of your UQ travel approval which includes your date/s, destination/s and purpose for travel; 
    1. for international staff travel approved through UniFi, include the travel approval number in Section 1 of the claim form; 
    2. for UQ approved student exchanges, provide your UQ Global Experiences Confirmation Letter; 
    3. for all other travel, provide the relevant written UQ travel approval given before you booked your travel; 
  2. A copy of the original itinerary, including flights, transfers and accommodation; 
  3. A copy of the invoices/receipts for the out-of-pocket expenses being claimed; 
  4. Correspondence from the airline/accommodation provider/travel agent confirming the claimed expenses are fully non-refundable, or confirmation of amounts that are refunded/held in credit; 
  5. Evidence of the activity that was due to be undertaken (e.g. invitation letter from conference organiser/placement agreement/invitation letter from Host University); 

​What if my host university cannot send a transcript until the end of the year and I am supposed to graduate in semester 2, 2020?

​The Global Experiences Team may be able to ask your host university to expedite a transcript for you, but it cannot be guaranteed.

​What should I do if my host uni is offering online courses?

UQ strongly encourages students to reconsider their need to be overseas at this time. 

If your host university has cancelled all academic teaching (without any possibility of finishing your studies remotely), then you are required to return to Australia as soon as you can as the purpose of your UQ approved travel no longer exists. 

Should you choose to return to UQ and take up UQ delivered courses for Semester 1, 2020, please liaise with your UQ Faculty immediately as the deadline for enrolling in courses at UQ for Semester 1, 2020 has been extended to March 23. Please keep in mind the recently introduced self-isolation requirements of all travellers return to Australia as of 16 March 2020. 

If your host university is still offering the continuation of academic studies (either online or face to face), UQ has not formally cancelled the exchange program for Semester 1, 2020 and you can choose to continue with your studies at the host university (from within the host country, another country or from Australia). 

Given this ever-changing situation, UQ encourages you to make a decision regarding the continuation of your exchange based on what your host university is able to offer you academically and the amount of risk that you are willing to take. As always, your decision should be made based on the health, safety and wellbeing of yourself, and insurance cover is secondary. 

​What if my host semester is delayed and it overlaps with the UQ Semester 2? 

 If you only have outstanding examinations to sit, it may be possible to negotiate with your host university that you can sit their exams from UQ, under supervision from UQ Examinations. This would of course have to satisfy the host university requirements for their examinations. 

If you still need to complete a significant amount of course work from the host university after UQ Semester 2 commences, then there may be some issues, as typically, students can only miss the first two weeks of UQ classes with approval from their UQ faculty. Further negotiation with the host university and UQ would be required once you know exactly what overlap exists. 

​My host is currently offering online options for study but I am nervous that they will cancel everything soon, by which point it will be too late to enrol at UQ. What do I do? 

Speak to your host university to determine what their plan is for international exchange students who wish to continue their studies with that university (online or face-to-face).  

Will you be able to continue with online studies even if normal classes resume? Will you be able to complete your host exams remotely from UQ? 

If the host university shuts without offering alternative learning methods, are you able to receive any credit for the coursework and assessments you have already completed? 

If you have no option to continue study at the host university, please contact your UQ Faculty with regards to your possible UQ studies, deadlines for enrolment and commencement of studies at UQ and what academic supports they can offer you. 

​My host university offers courses in blocks – I have completed 4 UQ units of work. Can I come home and enrol in 4 UQ units and receive credit for my completed EXCH codes to make up a full load? 

If UQ Faculties approve a student to overload their semester enrolment, then the Academic Services Division has advised that it is ok to have a mix of EXCH codes and standard UQ codes on SI-net in Semester 1, 2020 if students wish to seek credit for part of their EXCH studies, and wish to enrol in courses delivered by UQ in Semester 1, 2020.  

Maximum enrolment is #10 units (eg. #2 EXCH + #8 UQ codes or #4 EXCH + #6 UQ codes or the reverse). 

​I have already completed 50% of my host coursework, can I get credit for what I have already done if I come home?

If your host university is offering online study options, it is unlikely they will provide you with a transcript for a partially completed course.  

If your host is closing completely for the semester, you will need to seek a transcript for the completed elements of the course to date, which may or may not be available. 

​Can I still get credit if I complete the rest of my semester through online/distance learning form the host university?

​If a UQ student, who started an exchange overseas in Semester 1, 2020, is able to produce a transcript from the host university that shows successfully completed courses in line with the courses pre-approved by the UQ Faculty before exchange, then the UQ Faculty will transfer credit accordingly. This is irrespective of where the student completes the courses (in host country, in a third country overseas or in Australia).

​Can I withdraw from my semester 2, 2020 exchange and save my spot at the host university?

If you have not already done so, can you please email directly with the following (as we need to save this to your file for official reporting requirements): 

I, [name], would like to withdraw my application for exchange in semester 2, 2020.  

The Global Experiences Team will do our very best to assist you to participate in an exchange program at a later date. 

You will be required to complete a brand new application for the future semester of exchange through the Global Experiences application platform and you will be assessed along with all other applicants for the available places.  

We cannot guarantee that you will be successful in gaining a place at the same host university, but will do our very best to find you a suitable destination. 

Scholarships, grants and funding

​When will my Travel Grant/Scholarship be paid?

If you went overseas on exchange for Semester 1, 2020 studies, you will receive the travel grant even if you came back or are on the way back. Students who did not leave Australia will not be paid. Most travel grants have been paid, if you have not received the funds already, please contact the Scholarships and Grants team at the Student Employability Centre (SEC) on

Will I be given priority when scholarships/grants are allocated?​

Allocation of funding will be done on a competitive basis for all applicants in each round. Priority cannot be given to pre​vious applicants.

Applying for Semester 1, 2021

Do I have to complete a new application?

A brand new application for the semester 1, 2021 round is required. Please follow the instructions here​.

Why do I have to do a new study plan?

A new study plan will be required as you are applying for a different semester and the host university will most likely be offering different courses in this new semester. Also, your progression in your UQ degree will likely have changed.​

Do I have to meet eligibility again? I deferred Semester 1, 2020 knowing I had already been deemed eligible. Can an exception be made?​

All applicants' eligibility will be assessed after the application deadline of 26 June 2020. If you are not enrolled in Semester 1, 2020 at UQ, then you can appeal a decision of denied by explaining your circumstances and providing supporting documentation. Appeals will be considered on case-by-case basis.​

Will I be guaranteed my same host or given priority for preferred host, if I apply again for Semester 1, 2021​?

If you wish to apply for exchange in Semester 1, 2021, priority placement cannot be guaranteed, although we will try our very best to place you at the same host university as before if that is still your preference.

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Global Experiences Expo

Due to travel restrictions resulting from COVID-19, the Global Experiences Expo will no longer go ahead in 2020. Please contact the Global Experiences Team if you have any questions.