What are domestic and virtual internships?

Domestic internships

Take place within an Australia based organisation and provide students an opportunity to participate in either specific internship projects, or the daily activities of the organisation. This offers an opportunity for learning how to work in the industry, as part of professional teams and with undertaking real industry challenges.

Virtual internships

Offer the same opportunity to experience the inter-workings of provider organisation, but from a remote setting. Unlike domestic opportunities, there will be no expectation of turning up to an office or work-site each day, as the majority of interactions will be completed virtually.

 Approved Internships

Domestic internships take place in a physical workplace, virtual internships are completed remotely.

Both will provide an opportunity to enhance your employability capabilities.

Available during winter and summer vacation only.

Looking for interns?

Host organisation and providers please contact employability@uq.edu.au about engaging UQ students for your internship programs.