The New Colombo Plan is a signature initiative of the Australian Government which aims to lift knowledge of the Indo-Pacific in Australia by supporting Australian undergraduates to study and undertake internships in the region.

Eligible students can access funding through two different programs: the Scholarship Program and the Mobility Program.

New Colombo Plan Scholarship Program

The New Colombo Plan Scholarship Program provides opportunities for Australian undergraduate students to undertake a semester-based study and internship in participating Indo-Pacific locations.

New Colombo Plan Mobility Program

The New Colombo Plan Mobility Program, provided by the Australian Government, subsidises the cost of participating in various for-credit experiences within the Indo-Pacific region. 

There are three categories of NCP Mobility Grants available, as listed below. Eligible students can receive a maximum of one NCP Mobility Grant per category.  

Students who submit a successful application to UQ for their semester-based exchange, short-term or virtual experience will be automatically considered and do not need to submit an additional application. New Colombo Plan Mobility Grants are not guaranteed even if all selection criteria are met. 

Grants are limited and awarded by a selection committee on the basis of: 

  • academic merit 
  • academic progression as provided at the time of application 
  • in consideration of other scholarships awarded to the student  


To be eligible for this funding you must: 

  • Be an Australian citizen. Students cannot receive a Grant to undertake a Mobility Project in a Host Location in which they have dual citizenship or residency rights. 
  • Have submitted a successful application to the Internships and Global Experiences team and the Host Organisation for your relevant experience.  
  • Be approved to receive credit for your experience. 
  • Be studying at an undergraduate level. 
  • Have not previously received a New Colombo Plan Mobility Grant for the same category.

Funding for supported experiences changes every year. Detailed information regarding currently supported projects can be found at the links below.  

Semester-based Mobility Grant

The Semester-based Mobility Grant subsidises the cost of going on exchange for one or two semesters to partners in the Indo-Pacific region. 

Short-term Mobility Grant

The Short-term Mobility Grant helps off-set the cost of participating in for-credit short-term experiences within the Indo-Pacific region. 

Virtual Mobility Grant

The Virtual Mobility Grant helps to off-set the cost of participating in a for-credit virtual study or internship experience within the Indo-Pacific region.