Employability Award

Develop the mindset and capabilities to be effective in any path you choose

The Employability Award is a structured program that recognises the personal and professional development you can gain from your involvement in activities above and beyond your academic studies.  It is essentially a learning program that will guide you through a range of experiences and reflections to unlock your potential.

Participation is open to both undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students studying at UQ. 

Information sessions

Want to know more about the Employability Award? Attend one of our information sessions, open to all undergraduate students and staff members, or book a one-on-one appointment.

Employability Award Information Sessions - Sem 2, 2023

Important dates

Application round 3, 2023 - written applications due 10 September before 11.59pm

Please note: These are firm dates and no extensions will be granted. More application rounds will be available in 2024.

     Got Questions?

    Check out our Frequently Asked Questions or email us

    Benefits for students

    Completion of the Award program is a rewarding process in itself.  Other benefits include:

    • The opportunity to become a reflective practitioner.
    • Receive a digital certificate endorsed by the Vice-Chancellor and Academic Registrar,
    • Access to VIP workshops and networking events; and
    • Creating a greater sense of belonging by becoming more actively engaged at UQ and within the wider community.

    Opportunity awaits

    Hear how Yunan used the Award program to seize new opportunities for development and shifted her mindset along the way.

    Access to promotional material and resources for staff involved in the Employability Award.