DiversityHub aims to strengthen the connection between students and employers and contribute to further enhancing inclusion in the workplace.


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    Career & Disability Appointments

    UQ Students with a disability can access an on-campus (St Lucia) appointment with an employability specialist. Please book appointments directly through Studenthub for a Career & Disability Appointment via: https://studenthub.uq.edu.au/students/appointments/app/topic/127?siteId=1

    Initial appointments are conducted in person at Student Services (building 21D) with flexible follow up appointments conducted either in person, over the telephone or via skype.  The specialist consultant is based at the St Lucia campus each Thursday and is hosted by the Careers Service.

    For more information about the partnership between UQ & Maxima in the National Uni specialist employment partnership project (USEP), please contact Joachim or Krista at careers@uq.edu.au or visit the USEP website for more information including other participating Universities.

    Speak with a Career Advisor – Semester Walk-in Enquiries:

    Do you need to speak with a Career Advisor quickly? All students are welcome to attend a walk-in chat with one of our Career Advisors for any employability related enquiry. This is a great place to start for the following questions which may not require a full appointment:

    1. Unsure of who to speak to regarding employability/career type enquiry
    2. Guidance for appropriate referrals/resources
    3. Confused about next steps in an employability/career related enquiry
    4. Resume/application/interview question or follow up

    One of our Careers Advisors will be available during semester for Walk-In enquiries.

    *Please note, bookings are not required for these enquiries

    • When: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays from 10:30 – 11:30am during Semester
    • Location: Biological Sciences Library building 94, Ground Floor, front desk (next to Darwin’s café) 

    Career Planning Resources:

    It’s easy to get started developing your employability and job searching skills at any time during your studies at UQ. Student Employability at UQ encourages you to get involved as early as possible in order to give you the time to discover, explore and try new pathways.  Employability supports and education are offered within Faculty and online.

    If you would like to promote an event, list an employment or volunteering opportunity via DiversityHub, please contact careers@uq.edu 

    Staff are welcome to sign up for DiversityHub e-alerts to receive information about Employability, Diversity and Inclusion.

    The UQ HR Diversity and Inclusion team is able to support staff with information, resources and professional development opportunities, for further information, please contact https://staff.uq.edu.au/information-and-services/human-resources/diversity/commitment/strategies 

    UQ's DiversityHub aims to increase the visibility of opportunities and organisations that are actively engaged with initiatives which support inclusion in the workplace. 

    Please contact UQ's DiversityHub via careers@uq.edu.au for more information regarding advertising and student engagement on campus. 

    Neurodiversity refers to the broad range of individual differences in brain functions and behavioural traits that are part of the normal variation in the human population. For example, neuro-atypical individual differences include autism, ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, and Tourette Syndrome.

    The objectives of the Neurodiversity Hub are to:

    • improve employability of and employment opportunities for neuro-atypical students,
    • assist neuro-atypical students to obtain appropriate paid work experience and internships;,
    • provide partner organisations with an untapped talent pipeline,
    • drive innovation with our partners, clients and collaborators by tapping into the unique abilities of neuro-atypical individuals,
    • undertake research on how to integrate neurodiversity in employment transition programs, human resource management practices, and leadership development, and
    • disseminate state-of-the-art resources for students, educators, managers, and organisations.


    For students

    For employers


    Neurodiversity at work guide

    The guide aims to raise awareness among employers of neurodiversity in the workplace and to inspire more employers to take action to create more inclusive workplaces where neurodivergent individuals can thrive.
    Neurodiversity at work website
    Neurodiversity at work guide (PDF 428KB)

    Employment and Volunteer Opportunities

    Review opportunities advertised by organisations with diversity initiatives.


    Attend events which support the learning and exploration of diversity and inclusion.

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