So you're ready to apply for a short-term global experience?

Before applying, talk to an academic advisor, confirm your eligibility and create a budget to confirm you can afford to participate. You can only submit one application per application round. If you are unsure which global experience you wish to apply to, speak with an Internships and Global Experiences Coordinator

To walk you through the process, download the short-term program checklist.

Summer 2021/22 Short-term Global Experiences

We are pleased to announce that UQ will be opening applications for Short-term Summer 2021/22 Global Experiences on 06 August 2021.  

The Internships and Global Experiences Team will promote virtual and in-person experiences during the Summer 2021/22 period. In-person experiences will be promoted on a conditional basis and only for experiences with start dates in January – February 2022. 

Applications for in-person experiences cannot be confirmed as successful until a final decision to proceed with these experiences has been made. Decisions will be made by mid-September 2021 based on the advice from the Queensland and Federal Government. 

The health and safety of our students is a top priority, and this approach allows us to start planning these exciting opportunities whilst maintaining the flexibility to adjust our plans if government health regulations and/or travel restrictions change. 

In the event that in-person experiences are not supported, you may have the opportunity to participate in your experience virtually if this option is offered by your host. Decisions regarding in-person experiences will apply to all UQ students, regardless of their current location or citizenship.  

Refer to the Global Experiences FAQs for further information.   

To apply, follow these steps:

1. Apply to UQ

Applications for Summer 2021/22 will open in August 2021

To receive support from UQ for your global experience (which may include credit pre-approval, access to insurance and funding) you must: 

  1. You must agree to UQ's Global Experiences Terms and Conditions when you submit your application.
  2. Submit your online application and supporting documentation to IGET.

Prior to applying for a short-term experience, you must have successfully completed any course/s listed as prerequisites of the course you want to enrol in for your global experience.  

You may be able to search the Credit Precedent Database to find previously assessed courses. The database should be used as a guide only as not all short-term global experiences are listed in the database. 

  • Host program course profiles: This information can be found on the host program website

  • Undergraduate BEL Faculty Students ONLY: include a completed progression check.

  1. Wait for a response from IGET and review the Next Steps in the process: 

Once your application has been submitted, you'll receive a response from IGET within 10 business days of your application submission. If you are missing any documents, we will contact you and you will have 7 days to respond with the missing documents/updated information. If you've applied for credit, we will contact you once we’ve received a decision from your Faculty.  

More information regarding the Next Steps can be found in the following tabs. 

Please note: Credit assessments can take 4-6 weeks. Apply early to ensure credit approval prior to applying to the host program provider.

  1. Complete the requested documents in your StudentHub workflow: 

Once your application is assessed by IGET, you will be able to track your progress in the StudentHub workflow. 

After completing each step, you will have access to the next corresponding step and may be required to submit additional documentation. It is your responsibility to ensure that you complete each step by any stipulated deadline.