Apply for a short-term experience

So you've decided you want to apply for a short-term study experience!

Before you start the application, it is important to review the following information to help you understand how a global study experience can connect to your studies, what your best experience options may be, and how to prepare an application!

1. Before you apply

Work your way through the following key steps to ensure that you research your options, understand deadlines and processes, and prepare well for your short-term study experience.

  1. Experiences explained
    Before you start looking for a study experience, you need to understand the different types of experience modes (Study Abroad or Exchange). See the Experiences Explained page for more info.
  2. Research the experience options
    Use the Find an Experience page to search for supported experiences. Pay close attention to the delivery type (in-person or virtual) and location, which can be found in the Fast Facts box. Use the Apply to UQ checklist as a guide.
    1. Important dates:
      Understand the key dates deadlines within the experience timeline
      ItemWinter Semester DeadlinesSummer Semester Deadlines
      Applications Open28 November15 July
      OS-HELP Loan Applications Close15 March15 September
      Applications Close14 April24 September
      Host ApplicationVaries - Student must apply directly to the hostVaries - Student must apply directly to the host
      Last day to change experiences or mode14 April24 September
      Last date to submit new courses for assessment  6 weeks before experience start date6 weeks before experience start date
  3. Eligibility Criteria
    Confirm you meet the Short-term Experiences Eligibility Criteria to participate in a short-term global experience.
  4. Costs and Funding
    Understand the costs of the experiences and the possible financial supports available using our Costs and Funding page.
  5. Research Visa and Entry Requirements
    Research and understand visa/entry requirements of the country of your chosen experience, factoring in timelines and costs.
  6. Pre-departure Briefing
    Make note that there will be a mandatory Pre-departure Briefing. Lock it in your calendar now!

Please note: Credit assessments can take 4-6 weeks. Apply to UQ early to ensure credit approval before you apply to the host program provider. 

IGET does not recommend making any financial commitments to your host or toward your experience until after your application is approved by IGET and your credit is approved by Faculty.

Short-Term Study deadlines

OS-HELP Loan application deadlines close before the Summer and Winter Short-Term Study application deadlines. Please visit the OS-HELP Loan website for deadline dates as late applications will not be accepted.

 Global Experiences
Frequently Asked Questions
Search UQ FAQs for commonly asked questions. Use search words including 'global experiences', 'exchange', 'short-term' or 'internships'.