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What are the key milestones for your project?

5. Retrospective report

At the end of your project, all team members will co-author a retrospective report. The purpose of this document is to reflect on the outcomes of your project. Student partners are each required to submit this report to their Student Partner Workflow to receive their final grant instalment. 

Download the Retrospective Report Template

The SSP Projects Team also encourages Student and Staff Partners to submit individual reflections of their experiences of engaging in partnership. This form will be accessible to students at the Retrospective stage of your Student Partner Workflow, and Staff Partners will be sent a link to complete this individual reflection.

The recommended deadlines for the Retrospective Reports/reflections are

Round 1
10 May 2021
Student Upload
Staff Upload


Round 2
2 Jul 2021
Student Upload
Staff Upload

Round 3
8 Oct 2021
Student Upload
Staff Upload

Round 4
9 Dec 2021
Student Upload
Staff Upload