Student representation

Represent students on UQ committees, boards and advisory groups.

Student representatives are the face of the student body, and advocate for student interests on and off campus.

Representatives can belong to an elected body, be on a committee, or be a part of an advisory group. They have a direct say in how UQ functions, and work with staff to enhance the student experience.

How to become a student representative

You can get involved at UQ as a student representative in four ways:

  • run for election to the Senate or Academic Board
  • be a member of a School or Faculty Committee
  • join an Advisory Group
  • become a part of the UQ Union

All students are eligible to participate, however, each platform may have specific eligibility requirements for their members.

Getting started

Learn more about what's involved in the role of a student representative. Complete the training resource to better understand this role, the support available to you, and how you can participate.

Student Representative Training

Join a board or committee

The Senate and Academic Board

The Senate and the Academic Board are the main decision-making bodies at UQ.

  • The Senate is the highest governing body, and defines all structures, policies and governance processes that run the University.
  • The Academic Board is the principle advisory body to the Senate, and formulates policy on all academic matters, including new programs, teaching, learning and assessment, and research.

Both the Senate and the Academic Board hold regular elections for their student representatives, which are advertised via email. 


Committees are formal governing bodies that develop policy and consult on a particular area of interest (e.g. a specific program, teaching and learning at a faculty).

Most committees are represented on the Academic Board, or report to the Executive Dean of their faculty. Committees are mainly staff-led, but have student representative as members.

Recruit or apply for a committee

UQ Union

The UQ Union is an independent student body that represents the interests of students. 

Union representatives sit on all important university committees and work with other elected representatives to advocate for student interests at all levels of governance at UQ. 

Recruit a student representative

Want to recruit? Reach out to, and the Get Involved team will get in touch with advice.


Student Representatives directory

Search the directory to find a student representative in your faculty, school or more broadly across the University.

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