What is Committee Representation?

UQ committees are a platform through which staff members make key decisions on the student learning experience. The membership of these commmittees is often predominantly school and faculty staff, but students are often invited to be a part of these groups. Student representation on university committees is a vital way for staff members to work in partnership with students when making key decisions that have a profound impact on the student experience at UQ. Inviting students to be a part of these committees demonstrates a true committment to the student voice.

Students - How do I become a student representative on a committee?

If you are a student who would like the chance to have a real say on the decision-making processes at the University and to gain experience of high-level governance at work, then this is the opportunity for you! You can find out about opportunities to become a student representative on a UQ committee through your school or faculty, or you can discover opportunities via the Student-Staff Partnerships listings below.

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Staff - How do I recruit a student representative for my committee?

If you are interested in recruiting student representatives for your committee, please get in touch with the Student-Staff Partnerships team and we can help you with the process!

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Case Studies - Committee Representation

Download case study for the MDP Program Committee