Committees are platforms that make key decisions on the student learning experience. They are made up of both staff and student representatives. Each committee makes decisions and policy recommendations for a particular area of concern. 

Participating in committees is a good way to:

  • get experience of high-level governance at work
  • add to your professional and critical thinking skills
  • have a say in the decision-making processes at the University.

Types of committees

There are four types of committees, at different levels of governance:

1. Sub-Committees to the Academic Board

Sub-committees to the Academic Board are central committees that make decisions that affect all of UQ (e.g. the Committee for Academic Programs Policy, the Student Experience Committee). They report directly to the Academic Board.

2. Faculty Committees

Faculty committees belong to a specific faculty, and govern its research, teaching and learning, and student experience decisions. These committees report to the Executive Dean of the faculty.

3. School and Program Committees

Schools and Programs within a faculty may sometimes have committees that make academic decisions for that particular school or program. These committees report to their respective faculty committees.

4. Independent committees

Steering committees, working parties and project boards are independent bodies responsible for specific UQ projects (e.g. the UQ Mental Health Strategy). Such committees report either to the Academic Board, to the Student Experience Committee, or directly to an Executive staff member.  


Become a student representative

Keep an eye out for open positions advertisements on emails and school and faculty social media pages. You can also check current openings on StudentHub below.

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Recruit for your committee

Want to get students involved in your committee? Learn how to advertise, recruit and engage students below, or reach out to the Get Involved team directly at

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Student representative and committee directory

Find the student representative for your program, or take a look at the list of committees at UQ. Check the Student Representative Directory to find what you need.

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Student representation training

Beginning your role as a student representative at UQ? Prepare for it by checking out the Student Representative Training Module and learning about the student representation space at UQ, what your role entails, and the supports available to you.