What are Advisory Groups?

Advisory groups are a vital way for staff to gain constant feedback from students throughout a semester or year. These groups are usually primarily made up of students, and are often student-led (including a student chair and student secretary). Group members are given a schedule of meetings at the commencement of their role and at each meeting students discuss key issues that have been brought to the group.

Advisory groups have numerous benefits to staff and students because they afford students time to consider issues in detail and to brainstorm possible solutions to issues raised, rather than just asking for a student perspective 'on the spot'. This ensures that students are valued as partners in the governance of a school or faculty.

Why should students take part in an advisory group?
For students, this is a great way to make sure the student voice is heard and has an impact on their learning and extra-curricular experiences at UQ. It also looks great on the CV! You can find out about opportunities to become a student representative on a UQ advisory group through your school or faculty, or you can discover opportunities via the Student-Staff Partnerships listing below.

View current advisory group opportunities

How to set up an advisory group
If you would like to set up a student advisory group (or a similiar model) please contact the Student-Staff Partnerships team: ssp@uq.edu.au