What are Staff-Student Liaison Committees?

Staff-student liaison committees have been successfully used in a number of areas at UQ to ensure that staff and students work in partnership to the betterment of their program, school or faculty. Group membership comprises mainly of student representatives with 2-3 staff representatives present at each meeting. Agendas are circulated in advance by staff members and topic items are discussed in detail when the committee convenes. Possible solutions or action items are proposed by both staff members and student reps.

Why should students become a member of a staff-student liaision commitee?
As a student representative this is a great opportunity to work with fellow students and staff members to improve the student experience of your peers. This is a unique way to make sure the student voice is heard and has an impact on student learning and extra-currucular experiences at UQ. It is also a unique opportunity for professional development and to enhance your employability as a game-changing graduate.

How do I become a student representative?
You can find out about opportunities to become a student representative on a UQ staff-student liaison committee through your school or faculty, or you can discover opportunities via the Student-Staff Partnerships listing below.

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How to set up a staff-student liaison committee?
If you would like to set up a staff-student liaison committee (or a similiar model) please contact your faculty or school academic administration team.