The Student-Staff Partnerships (SSP) Team and nominated Student Partners co-review and assess all project submissions according to all selection criteria below.

Scope and motivation

  • Motivation: The project submission addresses a current need or challenge, which impacts the UQ community (e.g. a cohort of UQ students and/or staff).
  • Scope: The scope is appropriate for the project to be completed within the project round timeframe, taking into consideration the team size and level of student engagement. Please be aware that engaging in authentic partnership takes time.
  • Flexibility: The methods and outcomes of the project are flexible, enabling all team members to contribute to the intellectual design and take joint ownership of the entire project.
  • Outcomes: The project does not exclusively focus on research outcomes. The Summer and Winter Research Program may be more suitable if the focus is solely on research outcomes.
  • Innovation: The project proposes the creation of new resources or support networks at UQ. The SSP Team can help connect you with others in the UQ community to check that this resource or support does not already exist at UQ.

Partnership ethos

  • Project Stream: The project aligns to one of the SSP Project streams: (1) Governance and Strategy, (2) Student Experience, and/or (3) Teaching and Learning.
  • SSP Ethos: The project submission aligns with the Student-Staff Partnership (SSP) ethos and the program mission statement and values. The project seeks to engage students and staff in the process of co-creation, co-delivery, and/or a collaborative effort premised upon mutual learning, accountability and shared responsibility. Student and staff partners are valued as colleagues and equal partners.
  • Need for Partnership: The project submission articulates why it is important to address this need or challenge in partnership, and how both student and staff perspectives are critical in addressing the challenges posed.

Team structure

  • Team Size: We recommend 2-3 student partners (maximum 4) and 1-2 staff partners per partnership project. In larger teams, effective collaboration and communication can be challenging.
  • Engagement Level: Student partners are all at the same engagement level (grant level) to prevent a hierarchy within the team. If a student's availability changes during the project, the level of engagement may be adjusted accordingly.

Project submission rubric

When submitting an SSP Project idea, you will be asked to demonstrate how your project aligns with each selection criteria. The SSP Project Submission Rubric (PDF, 94.1 KB) is designed to help you address each criteria and may be used as a self-review tool when preparing your project submission.