Student-Staff Partnership Projects

Projects Overview

Student-Staff Partnership Projects aim to create a cultural transformation at UQ where Students and Staff connect as equals, partners and co-collaborators on projects that seek to enhance the student experience at UQ. This initiative is underpinned by the values of respect, reciprocity and shared responsibility and seeks to empower Student and Staff Partners to effect positive change within the teaching and learning, student experience and governance/strategy environments. 

Examples of previous projects: 

  • Co-designing assessment activities; 
  • Evaluating and improving a re-designed course; 
  • Co-developing student governance structures and guidelines / support resources; 
  • Co-developing blended learning activities and resources for curriculum content; 
  • Collaborating on university strategy;
  • Co-investigating the impacts of student engagement activities. 

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The meaning of project partnerships

Listen to UQ Student and Staff Partners as they discuss their project experience and what partnership means to them.

The impact of the partnership approach

Listen to Student and Staff Partners talk about their partnership experience at UQ. How is it changing the student experience and breaking down barriers and hierarchies?

Benefits for Students

  • Form meaningful partnerships with UQ staff and students
  • Draw upon your unique skills, experiences and knowledge to be an agent for change at UQ
  • Help to enhance the student experience through curriculum or student engagement projects
  • Enhance your employability through the development of key transferable skills.

Benefits for Staff

  • Empower students to have an impact on the decision-making processes or curriculum at UQ
  • Collaborate in partnership with motivated and creative students
  • Help to foster a culture of partnership at UQ
  • Learn from the unique experiences of students to impact the strategic direction of your school/faculty/department.