Student-Staff Partnership Projects

About Student-Staff Partnership Projects

Student-Staff Partnership Projects aim to create a cultural transformation at UQ whereby students and staff connect as equal partners and collaborators on projects that seek to enhance the UQ community. This program seeks to empower Student and Staff Partners to effect positive change within the teaching and learning, student experience and governance/strategy environments.

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What do I need to know about SSP Projects?

  • Four (4) rounds per year
  • Duration varies up to 20 weeks (depending on the project round)
  • Student partners receive a grant (variable up to $1,500)

What is involved in a Project?

Before you start a Project

Attend a 2-hour team induction (check timelines to see when these are held)

At the start of your Project

Codevelop a project plan as a team.

Student partners receive their first grant instalment.

During your Project

Collaborate on your project and participate in our (optional) community events and/or professional development opportunities.

At the end of your Project

Codevelop a retrospective report as a team and submit an individual reflection.

Student partners receive their final grant instalment.

The program is open to:

  • All currently enrolled UQ students (including Domestic and International students, all program levels, and all faculties).
  • Academic and professional UQ staff members from all disciplines, faculties, schools and units.

Both students and staff can submit project ideas, or as a student you can apply to become a student partner on a project. Student partners can only participate in one project per round.

For students

For staff

Form meaningful partnerships with UQ students and staff
Collaborate in partnership with motivated and creative students
Draw upon your knowledge and experiences to be an agent for change at UQ
Empower students to have an impact at UQ
Enhance your employability through the development of key capabilities
Learn from and with diverse students
Counts as a Supplementary Activity within the UQ Employability Award
Collaborate in a team environment to enhance your course, program or initiative at UQ
Receive a grant to support your engagement in the program
Increase inclusivity in your course, project or initiative


Find out more

Whether you are submitting a project, applying to become a Student Partner, or are currently involved in an SSP Project, click the links below to find out more.