UQ Student-Staff Partnership Projects

UQ Student-Staff Partnership Projects
UQ Student-Staff Partnership Projects

Now Accepting 2019 Project Submissions

Are you a UQ student or staff member and have an idea to improve the student experience? Do you want to draw upon your knowledge and expertise to create and effect change? Then submit a Project idea to receive funding for student partner grants.  The UQ Student-Staff Partnership initiative seeks to empower students and staff to collaborate in partnership to design, deliver and enhance the UQ student experience, and is underpinned by values such as respect, reciprocity and shared responsibility.

What are the types of SSP Projects I can get involved in?

Student-Staff Partnership Projects provide a valuable opportunity for student and staff partners to co-develop and deliver initiatives. There are three streams of Student-Staff Partnership Projects, these include:
1. Teaching & Learning;
2. Student Experience;
3. Governance & Strategy.

Teaching & Learning 
Student-Staff Partnership Projects within the Teaching & Learning Stream seek to enhance curriculum content, design and facilitation. Examples may include 

  • Students Partners as Pedagogical Consultants or Advisors on courses.  Students and Staff generate feedback with students within that course, conducting observations of teaching and collaborating to enhance, innovate, or co-create curriculum.  
  • Student Partners as Course Co-designers. Students and Staff collaborate on course design / development including the creation of interactive content, or innovative assessment or learning activities. 
  • Student and Staff Partners collaboratively integrating high-quality, learner-centred and inclusive course content and materials online. 

Student Experience 
Student-Staff Partnership Projects within the Student Experience Stream seek to enhance the academic, non-academic and social aspects of the UQ student experience. Examples may include: 

  • Student and Staff Partners co-facilitating workshops or events to enhance the student experience (such as: sense of belonging; networking with peers; employability development). 
  • Student and Staff Partners co-developing initiatives or programs that contribute to the UQ student experience.
  • Student and Staff Partners co-developing materials and support resources for educational campaigns (e.g. diversity, sexual misconduct etc.). 
  • Student and Staff Partners analysing the success of student experience initiatives. 
  • Student and Staff Partners collaborating on the enhancement of the SSP initiative (serving as Partnership Mentors; enhancing the processes or support resources for SSP). 

Governance & Strategy 
Student-Staff Partnership Projects within the Governance & Strategy Stream seek to enhance student voice and supports within the decision-making processes of the University. 

  • Student and Staff Partners co-developing university strategy or policy that either has a direct or indirect impact on the UQ student experience. 
  • Student and Staff Partners co-developing support resources and mechanisms for students serving as representatives. 

Project Submission Dates

For 2019 Projects
To submit a project for Semester 1, 2019, we will accepting submissions from 29 October to 30 November. The table below provides an overview of the relevant timelines. 

Key Dates Stage
29 October - 30 November 2018 Project ideas may be submitted through the Student-Staff Partnerships website
3 December - 7 December 2018 The SSP Projects Selection Group will convene to assess the project submissions
10 December 2018 All projects will be notified of the outcome of their project submission
13 December 2018 - 18 January 2019 Recruitment for Student Partners
21 January - 1 February 2019 Selection and notification of Student Partners
4 February - 18 February 2019 Projects commence/partnership inductions

Successful projects will address the following elements in their submission:

  • Involves a co-creation to reflect shared responsibility between student and staff partners. E.g. distributed leadership, with student partners contributing to the intellectual design and development of the project
  • All partners are committed to the partnership approach and ensure appropriate time is taken to develop these partnerships
  • It must seek to enhance the overall UQ student experience (e.g. impact students either across the University, Faculty or across a School)
  • No more than five student partners are included per project

Information & Further Resources

Information sessions:

If you would like to find out more about SSP Projects, then please attend one of our upcoming SSP Project information sessions. Dates for semester 2, 2018 are listed below:

All sessions will be held from 10am – 11am 
•    18/09/2018 
•    08/10/2018
•    19/11/2018
•    10/12/2018

To register for a session please click the 'register for an information session' on the right hand side of this page.

What's in it for you?

For Students

  • Form meaningful partnerships with UQ staff and students
  • Draw upon your unique skills, experiences and knowledge to be an agent for change at UQ
  • Help to enhance the student experience through curriculum or student engagement projects
  • Enhance your employability through the development of key transferable skills

For Staff

  • Empower students to have an impact on the decision-making processes or curriculum at UQ
  • Collaborate in partnership with motivated and creative students
  • Help to foster a culture of partnership at UQ
  • Learn from the unique experiences of students to impact the strategic direction of your school/faculty/department.