So you've chosen a short-term global experience and you're ready to apply?

Before applying, make sure that you have talked to an academic advisor, confirmed you are eligible to participate and drafted a budget to ensure you can afford to participate.

Download the short-term program checklist to guide you through the short-term process.

Follow these steps to apply for a short-term global experience.

2. Apply for funding

When you submit a short-term global experience application, you are automatically considered for a Short-Term travel grant. There is no additional application required to apply for the travel grant. 

Some funding, specifically the OS-Help Loan, requires additional applications to be completed. Make sure you complete the relevant application prior to the published deadline in order to be considered for this funding.

Do not rely on UQ funding

There is no guarantee you will receive funding. We strongly advise you not to rely on this funding.

Decisions around funding will not be made until after many hosts will require you to pay a non-refundable experience fee, so you must be able to afford to pay program deposits and fees without this funding before applying.