Applying for exchange

So you've decided you want to apply for a semester-based exchange!

Before you start the application process make sure you have confirmed that you are eligible and know where you want to go.

If you are having difficulty at any stage of the application process, please contact an Internships and Global Experiences Coordinator for help. Do not contact your host institution directly as all enquiries must be made through Global Experiences until you are formally accepted.

Sem 1, 2025 Exchange application deadline extended: now closes 23 June 2024.

NOTE: A number of host universities are already full and no longer available in the extended deadline. See the list of available hosts here.

6. Submit supporting documents

Once you receive confirmation of your host university from the Internships and Global Experiences team, you will be required to submit all supporting documents. Your UQ faculty/ies will need to complete your credit assessment before you can receive full approval for your experience.  

The following documents must be submitted for assessment:  

  • Study Plan: 
    See Prepare your Study Plan for instructions on how to prepare and fill out your Study Plan.  Once your study plan is complete, please export it/print it as a new PDF to ensure it is readable by our team. (if you are unsure how to do this, please read through our "how to save as PDF" instructions)

Note: Students from Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology (EAIT) must receive the signature of recommendation from their EAIT Academic Adviser before submitting the studentHub form. 

  • Course profiles: 
    Your faculty requires full course profiles for all host university courses listed on your Study Plan to complete your academic credit assessment. Refer to the Gather course profiles page for full details. 
  • BEL progression check: 
    Undergraduate BEL students are required to complete and upload a BEL progression check.   
  • School of Education waiver: 
    If you are enrolled in a Bachelor of Education dual degree, you must consult directly with the School of Education regarding your interest in exchange and to plan your studies accordingly. Your school will provide you with a waiver that you must complete. 
  • School of Music waiver: 
    If you are enrolled in the Bachelor of Music, you must consult directly with the School of Music regarding your interest in exchange and to plan your studies accordingly. Your school will provide you with a waiver that you must complete.
  • Assessment of Language Proficiency: 
    If you plan to take courses overseas in a language other than English (not including language courses) and are studying this language at UQ, download the Assessment of Language Proficiency and have it completed by one of your lecturers at the School of Languages and Cultures.

Note: If you do not study the language at UQ, you may be required to take a standardised test in that language from an independent body (Alliance Francaise etc) to determine your proficiency. (Language Assessment Grid),


Assessment of study plans

We will send your study plan to your UQ faculty to be assessed. This process can take up to 12 weeks. Your faculty may contact you if they need additional information in order to assess your study plan. 

You will not be fully approved for UQ's semester-based exchange until your study plan has been approved by your faculty and you have been accepted by your host university. 

Exchange deadlines

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