Applying for exchange

So you've decided you want to apply for a semester-based exchange!

Before you start the application process make sure you have confirmed that you are eligible and know where you want to go.

If you are having difficulty at any stage of the application process, please contact an Internships and Global Experiences Coordinator for help. Do not contact your host institution directly as all enquiries must be made through Global Experiences until you are formally accepted.

Sem 1, 2025 Exchange application deadline extended: now closes 23 June 2024.

NOTE: A number of host universities are already full and no longer available in the extended deadline. See the list of available hosts here.

3. Submit online application to UQ

Make sure you submit your online application to Global Experiences by the appropriate deadline. 

When you apply for a semester-based exchange, you are required to:

  • agree to UQ's Internships and Global Experiences Terms and Conditions,
  • provide details of your UQ program and progression,  
  • list the type of credit you wish to receive during the exchange,
  • list the study area/s you wish to study at the host university; and 
  • provide your top three host university preferences and their study options.
  • provide a draft study plan for your first preference host

Apply now for Semester 1, 2025 exchangeSemester-based Exchange Next Steps Checklist (PDF, 173.3 KB)
Exchange Timeline

Semester-based Exchange Workflow
Once your application has been submitted, you will be able to access your StudentHub workflow. The workflow is used to complete all the next steps in the application and experience preparation process. It is your responsibility to ensure that you complete each step by the required deadline.

You can find your workflow by following the find your workflow instructions.

Please be aware that steps in the process are staggered and you will get access to the next step as you progress through the workflow. Some of these steps may require administrative review by IGET, so keep an eye on your UQ student email account for updates.

Changes to your application 

Once you submit your application, your first preference host university cannot be changed.

Please inform the Internships and Global Experiences Team if you wish to be considered for your second or third preference. If so, please be aware that your application will not be considered in the first round of host university allocation. 

If you need to withdraw your exchange application, please contact an Internships and Global Experiences Coordinator as soon as possible. Once a withdrawal is processed, it cannot be reversed.

UQ does not accept deferrals. You will be required to withdraw and then re-apply if you wish to delay your exchange.

Exchange deadlines

Find a host university

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Frequently Asked Questions
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