Applying for exchange

So you've decided you want to apply for a semester-based exchange!

Before you start the application process make sure you have confirmed that you are eligible and know where you want to go.

If you are having difficulty at any stage of the application process, please contact an Internships and Global Experiences Coordinator for help. Do not contact your host institution directly as all enquiries must be made through Global Experiences until you are formally accepted.

Sem 1, 2025 Exchange application deadline extended: now closes 23 June 2024.

NOTE: A number of host universities are already full and no longer available in the extended deadline. See the list of available hosts here.

5. Application outcome

Following the exchange deadline, we will check your application to ensure you meet the Part 1 eligibility criteria

All successful and unsuccessful students will be notified by email within eight weeks of the application deadline. If you meet all of the Part 1 eligibility criteria for exchange, you will be allocated to a host university. The allocation of host universities will consider, but is not limited to:

  • places available at host university 
  • criteria relevant to specific exchange partners and discipline/course availability
  • eligibility for Australian Government funding to partners in Asia
  • whether you have previously participated in a UQ student exchange program
  • academic merit (including cumulative GPA and number of units completed)

If we are unable to place you in your first preference host university, you will be considered for your second or third preference. In this instance, you will need to prepare a new study plan. If we are unable to place you in any of your preferences, an adviser will contact you to discuss your options.  

Exchange deadlines

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