So you've chosen a short-term global experience and you're ready to apply?

Before applying, make sure that you have talked to an academic advisor, confirmed you are eligible to participate and drafted a budget to ensure you can afford to participate.

Download the short-term program checklist to guide you through the short-term process.

Follow these steps to apply for a short-term global experience.

1. Apply to UQ Abroad

You must apply to UQ Abroad in order to receive credit pre-approval, UQ insurance support, UQ funding and UQ Employability Award recognition.

When you apply to UQ Abroad you will need to consider the following:

  • whether you are participating as a for-credit or not-for-credit student
  • completion of the appropriate application requirements prior to the host university deadline
  • the UQ Abroad application deadline
  • supporting documents required for your application

Please note: Applications will only be accepted via the online application. Incomplete applications will not be accepted

Supporting documentation

For-credit students

You must attach the following documents to your application to gain credit:

  • short-term global experience application for credit form
  • details of the course(s) at the host program that you are intending to study and receive credit for (i.e., supporting course profiles/syllabi) - this information can be downloaded from the host program website
  • a copy of your UQ studies report downloaded from mySI-net
  • if you are an undergraduate student from the BEL Faculty, you must include a copy of your progression check. Postgraduate BEL students are not required to submit a progression check. 

Please note: Credit assessments can take 4-6 weeks. Apply early to ensure credit approval prior to applying to the host program provider.

Not-for-credit students

You must attach the following documents to your application:

  • a copy of your UQ studies report downloaded from mySI-net

Review the terms and conditions

When you submit your application for a short-term global experience, you'll be asked to agree to the Conditions of Participation.

Any student wishing to submit a request for special consideration and/or any other supporting documentation should also ensure this is saved and readily available for upload to their online application.

You can only submit one application per cycle. If you are unsure which global experience you wish to apply to, speak with a UQ Abroad advisor

Please note: UQ Abroad Applications for Winter 2019 will open December 3, 2018.

Apply to UQ Abroad