Experience Preparation

Once you have been accepted to participate in a short-term experience, it’s time to prepare for your experience to start!

For students participating in-person please read every step carefully.

For students participating virtually some of the steps below will not apply.

Work your way through the IGET Pre-departure Essentials Checklist to help you prepare.

Below you'll also find some tips to help you make the most of your experience while ensuring you keep safe and healthy while overseas.

5. Insurance

If you are participating in a UQ approved Global Experience you can be covered by UQ's Corporate Travel Insurance. 

Please refer to the UQ Insurance Services travel insurance webpage, in particular the Travel Insurance for Students brochure, to understand when you are and are not covered by UQ travel insurance. Students are strongly encouraged to arrange personal travel insurance when UQ coverage does not apply.

UQ Corporate Travel Insurance Coverage Details

UQ’s Short-term global experience participants are covered by UQ’s Corporate Travel Insurance:

  • Only in the country of their short-term global experience
  • For direct travel to/from the host country for the duration of the program

If you plan to travel outside of your host country, we recommended that you purchase additional travel and health insurance before you leave. You can take out additional coverage with UQ’s insurer Chubb Travel Insurance Ltd or another insurance company. It is up to you to organise any additional coverage.

Students travelling in a country where they also have citizenship may not be covered for medical expenses while overseas or medical evacuation.

Refer to the student travel brochure for a summary of the insurance policy. This document can also be found in the link below. Be aware that Short-term Study students are classified under 'other types of UQ authorised travel'.

Find out more about UQ's insurance policy

Field Trips

If you are participating in a field trip as part of your short-term global experience, you must enter your itinerary into your International SOS account. Failure to inform UQ of this travel may result in not being covered by UQ’s insurance.

Certificate of Currency

When applying to the host university or for your visa, you may be required to show proof of insurance (called a Certificate or Currency). To obtain a Certificate of Currency from the UQ Insurance Office you must:

Please note: it can take at least 2 weeks for the UQ Insurance Office to process your Certificate of Currency.

If you have any questions about requesting a Certificate of Currency email the Student Enrichment and Employability Development team.

Mandatory host health insurance 

Some universities will require you to purchase an insurance package in addition to the UQ insurance, to meet visa or enrolment requirements. You should contact your host university directly if you have any questions.

Some partner universities allow you to apply for a waiver from purchasing their insurance package if you submit a:

Emergency situations

In the event of an emergency overseas follow the instructions of the local authorities in the first instance.

Contact International SOS on +61 2 9372 2468 (reverse charge available) or via email to  sydney@internationalsos.com. Provide UQ’s Membership Number: 12AYCA778031.