Experience Preparation

Once you have been accepted to participate in a short-term experience, it’s time to prepare for your experience to start!

For students participating in-person please read every step carefully.

For students participating virtually some of the steps below will not apply.

Work your way through the IGET Pre-departure Essentials Checklist to help you prepare.

Below you'll also find some tips to help you make the most of your experience while ensuring you keep safe and healthy while overseas.

4. International SOS

International SOS/MyTrips

International SOS offers UQ travellers 24/7 pre-departure medical, safety and security information and advice. International SOS also provides routine and emergency assistance when UQ’s people are travelling. In addition, International SOS will help UQ locate and confirm the safety of its travellers in times of crisis both domestically and internationally. There is no additional cost to UQ travellers to access International SOS.

In order to be covered by UQ’s Corporate Travel and Health insurance and access International SOS, you must complete the following steps:

  • Create an account/register with ISOS
  • Create your profile 
  • Create a new trip and enter your travel details
  • Complete the Travel Details Form on your Short-term Global Experience Application (StudentHub Workflow)

Please refer to the MyTrips user guide for detailed instructions on how to enter your details.

MyTrips is a tool provided to UQ by International SOS that allows travellers to record their trip details. By recording your trip details, you will be registered with and covered by UQ’s Corporate Travel Insurance for the country in which your global experience is taking place. By recording your trip you will receive travel alerts before and during travel. It also enables International SOS and UQ to contact you during an incident or emergency while you are travelling.