How do I become a Student Partner?

Who can be a student partner?

Any person who is a currently enrolled student at UQ (international or domestic, undergraduate or postgraduate, including HDR) can apply to become a Student Partner! 

As a Student Partner you will have the opportunity to effect change at the University, to connect with diverse students and staff from across the University and to collaborate on a project which will be informed by YOUR ideas, insights and experiences. 

In a project you might be involved in co-designing learning resources, co-creating extra-curricular experiences, or even co-authoring university strategies (just to name a few).

Learn more about being a student partner and how the partnership experience can enhance your employability. 


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What's involved in being a Student Partner?

Tips for before you start your Project

  1. Check available projects below.
  2. Apply, be selected and accept your offer to become a Student Partner.
  3. Bookmark (or save the URL) of your Student Partner workflow on StudentHub.
  4. Attend a 2-hour team induction. Be sure to check the timelines for the induction periods.
  5. Complete the Deed Poll to assign your Intellectual Property (for resources etc. created throughout the Project) to the University.

Tips for the beginning stages of your Project

  1. Co-develop a project plan as a team and decide upon how you want to collaborate. This looks different in every project, but might involve: team meetings, ideation sessions, collecting feedback, designing resources etc. 
  2. Submit your co-developed project plan to your student partner workflow. 
  3. Receive the first instalment of your grant.

Tips for during the progress of your Project

  1. Collaborate on your project. 
  2. Participate in the SSP community events and/or attend professional development opportunities (optional). 
  3. Complete the (optional) mid-way check-in survey in your Student Partner workflow or seek any support/advice from the SSP Projects Team at any time.

Tips for the conclusion of your Project

  1. Co-develop a retrospective report with your team to reflect on the outcomes that you co-created in your project. 
  2. Submit the retrospective report to your student partner workflow, and write an individual reflection based on your experiences of engaging in partnership. 
  3. Receive the final instalment of your grant. 
  4. Attend the SSP Celebration event either individually or with your team and meet and connect with members from the SSP Community (optional).

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No projects listed? Applications are open four (4) rounds per year. Check back at the next round.


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