Courses taught during the London School of Economics Summer School are based on regular LSE undergraduate courses. Choose from a wide variety of courses offered in Session Two taught by Lecturers who are experts in their chosen fields. 

Fields of study

  • Commerce
  • Business Management
  • Economics
  • Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences
  • Law

More information regarding specific courses available can be found on the host university website. 

Credit equivalent 

7.5 ECTS = 2 UQ Units. Maximum of 2 UQ Units if 7.5 ECTS are successfully completed (pending UQ faculty approval).

Visa Information

It is your responsibility to ensure you have the correct visa for the country where you will be studying. As the Global Experiences team is not a visa-issuing authority we cannot provide visa advice.

Contact LSE for more visa and immigration information.

Students studying at LSE in UQ's Winter Break (July) will not be provided with official transcripts until the following October. It should be noted that if you participate in the LSE Summer School for credit in your final year, it may delay your UQ graduation.

Eligibility and application

All applicants must meet the UQ short-term experience eligibility criteria and the LSE entry requirements. 

This program impacts on UQ semester 2, 2019 dates, UQ students must meet the additional special conditions for programs that impact on teaching dates.

This program is competitive and places are allocated on a first come, first serve basis by LSE. Apply early to avoid disappointment.

Apply to UQ Apply to host


Tuition only will be approximately $4,085 AUD, this does not include accommodation. UQ students are eligible to receive a 10% tuition discount for 2019. Please apply to UQ for more information. 

More information regarding program fees can be found on the host university website.

Applicants may also be eligible for UQ-specific funding.


Accommodation can be provided by LSE as part of the program fee.

For more information regarding accommodation, please visit the host university website.

Wilter - 2019

The summer school in LSE is actually my second short term exchange (both of which were for credit). In fact I started planning this exchange a couple weeks after returning from the previous one with two or three main motivating reasons in mind. 

One, like many other students, I’m increasingly aware of the ability of these short exchanges to develop employability (more on this in another question). 

Then, I doubt it will be surprising to you to say how valuable the connections are you make with people overseas both in terms of friendship and possible future collaboration. 

Read more of Wilter's story here



Benedict - 2019

I decided to complete a short-term experience to take the load off of a semester where I was originally required to overload. My fifth course, ECON2060, was available for credit at LSE summer school and so I decided to apply. I had also heard about the quality of the teaching there from students who did the school last year, so I was always interested in the opportunity.

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Claudia - 2018

The standard of teaching was very high, yet the exams were manageable, leaving plenty of time for exploring London.  My favourite aspect of studying overseas was studying with a diverse range of people from all over the world, whilst the location of the university in central London made for easy exploring and allowed me to be apart of the bustling London lifestyle.

Read more of Claudia's story here. 




Sruthi - 2018

I would highly recommend this program for anyone who can't manage to fit in a whole semester exchange. It is a reasonably relaxed application process with plenty of help available at all stages making ending up at LSE a breeze. I am so glad I went and will tell everyone they should do the same.

Read more of Sruthi's story here. 






Jenny - 2018

The experience was enlightening with respect to the scale and speed of London as a city. It showed me that time management is essential, but one can accomplish so much in a day. It has helped me become more comfortable in social settings.

Read more of Jenny's story here




Luke - 2018

I gained a lot of friendships from people of many backgrounds and cultures. I learnt how diverse people were and what their upbringings were in comparison to mine. Academically, I experienced what differentiated a university like UQ from LSE and overall I learnt quite a bit academically, from the experience.

Read more of Luke's story here


BEL Faculty Credit Assessment

Credit must be confirmed with BEL Faculty to check suitability for your program requirements. You should consult with International Mobility Coordinator prior to submitting an application. The credit precedents information on this site is provided as a guide only. Please see Credit Precedents Disclaimerfor further details.

LSE Course BEL Credit Assessment

AC101 Managerial Accounting and Financial Control

Eligible for credit towards ACCT3104 Management Accounting as approved by BEL Faculty
AC215 Business Analysis and Valuation Eligible for credit towards Bachelor of Commerce, Level 3 Accounting major or Level 3 Finance major as approved by BEL Faculty
EC200 Introduction to Behavioural Economics Eligible for credit towards ECON2060 as approved by BEL Faculty
EC240 Environmental Economics & Sustainable Development Eligible for credit towards Bachelor of Economics, Level 3 Natural Resource and Environment major as approved by BEL Faculty
EC260 The Political Economy of Public Policy Eligible for credit towards Bachelor of Economics, Level 3 Group 3 elective as approved by BEL Faculty
EC270 Public Finance Eligible for credit towards Bachelor of Economics, Level 2 Group 2 elective as approved by BEL Faculty
EC307 Development Economics
Eligible for credit towards Bachelor of Economics, Group 3 Level 3 ECON elective as approved by BEL Faculty
EC341 Industrial Organisation & Introduction to Competition Policy Eligible for credit towards ECON3400 Industrial Economics as approved by BEL Faculty
FM202 Analysis and Management of Financial Risk Eligible for credit towards FINM3405 Derivatives and Risk Management as approved by BEL Faculty
FM225 Fixed Income Securities, Debt Markets and the Macro Economy Eligible for credit towards Bachelor of Commerce, Level 3 Finance major as approved by BEL Faculty
LL105 International Law: Contemporary Issues Eligible for credit towards LAWS5154 if student is enrolled in pre 2015 LLB program. If 2015 program or later then credit is not approved
LL203 International Commercial Litigation and Arbitration Eligible for credit towards #2 Unspecified Level 5 LLB elective as approved by BEL Faculty
LL204 Cyberlaw Eligible for credit towards #2 Unspecified Level 5 LLB elective as approved by BEL Faculty
LL207 International Financial Regulation Eligible for credit towards #2 Unspecified Level 5 LLB elective as approved by BEL Faculty
LL210 Tax Avoidance Eligible for credit towards #2 Unspecified Level 5 LLB elective as approved by BEL Faculty
LL212 European Consumer Law Eligible for credit towards #2 Unspecified Level 5 LLB elective as approved by BEL Faculty
ME306 Real Analysis Eligible for #2 unspecified Level 3 Econ course towards Quantitative Methods major as approved by BEL Faculty
MG105 Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Approved for #2 unspecified level 1 general elective as approved by BEL Faculty
MG203 Strategic Management of Markets and Growth: Industrial Policy in Europe Approved for #2 unspecified level 2 BBusMan Group 3 elective course OR #2 unspecified level 2 Group 3 Becon elective
MG250 Management and Economics of E-Business Approved for BISM2233 eBusiness Systems and Strategy
MG300 Negotiation Boot Camp: Personal Mastery in the Art of Negotiating Approved for unspecified Level 3 BBusMan Human Resources major course
MG103 Consumer Behaviour: Behavioural Fundamentals for Marketing and Management Approved for MKTG2501 Consumer Behaviour
MG110 The Science and Art of Decision Making Approved for unspecified Level 1 Group 3 BBusMan elective
MG204 Leadership in Organisations Eligible for credit towards MGTS2603 Leading & Managing People as approved by BEL Faculty

Key Dates

Application Deadlines

UQ: Winter applications for this program have now closed.
Host: Rolling application deadline

Program Dates

Start: 08 July 2019
End: 26 July 2019

*Students are encouraged to apply as early as possible

Fast Facts

Type: Study
Mode: Study abroad​
Location: London, UK
Credit: For-credit only
Cohort: Undergraduate


If you participate in a short-term program you may also be eligible to submit an application for an OS-HELP loan if your program is for-credit and you are enrolled as a Commonwealth supported student. 

Application Deadlines

15 January for overseas study commencing March to August
15 March for overseas study commencing May to October
15 June for overseas study commencing August to January
15 September for overseas study commencing November to April

Refer to the funding page for more information on eligibility requirements and loan amounts. 

Global Experiences Information Sessions

Students are encouraged to register and attend an information session to receive more details on the short-term application process, eligibility criteria, funding etc.