Elise - London School of Economics

B Advanced Business (Honours)
Winter 2023
This immersive experience not only enriched my academic life but also broadened my horizons, allowing me to engage with the global community that London represents.


I wanted to experience what it is like to study and receive an education at one of the most prestigious business schools in the world. I also wanted to enhance my resume and knowledge on investment banking and asset management.

Personal Development

This experience was eye-opening for me as I met people from various backgrounds and cultures. It was very interesting to listen to others opinions in class and provides you with the opportunity to see things from a completely different perspective. I have made life-long friends from UQ that I met in my course as well as my hall of residence, Passfield Hall. I also gained friends from America, Peru, Spain and France, which I have made life-long connections with.

Academic Development

I really enjoyed how passionate the professors were. They were very enthusiastic and made the whole learning experience enjoyable. The course was fast-paced and rigorous, and I would say more challenging in comparison to my UQ studies.

Professional Development

My time at the London School of Economics (LSE) has been instrumental in shaping my personal and professional growth, equipping me with resilience, persistence, and confidence that I can now apply effectively to my future employability and career development. Resilience: LSE exposed me to a demanding academic environment that challenged me to adapt and overcome obstacles. Juggling coursework, exams, and other responsibilities taught me to stay composed under pressure. This resilience I gained is a valuable skill in the professional world, enabling me to handle setbacks and uncertainty with a composed mindset. It also aids in maintaining productivity during challenging times. Persistence: The rigorous coursework and high standards at LSE instilled in me a strong work ethic. I learned to persevere through complex problems. This persistence is invaluable in the workplace, as it enables me to tackle complex projects and see them through to completion. It also demonstrates dedication and commitment to employers, making me a more attractive candidate. Confidence: LSE provided me with a diverse and intellectually stimulating environment, encouraging me to express my ideas and engage in debates. This bolstered my self-assurance and public speaking skills. Confidence is crucial in professional development, as it allows me to articulate my thoughts, take on leadership roles, and network effectively. This, in turn, opens doors to career opportunities and advancement.


My budget in London was 100 pounds per day to cover my transport, activities, lunch and dinner. From my overall experience I spent approximately $14450.

The breakdown of my expenses are:

  • Flights: $5000
  • Accommodation: $1365
  • Course Fees: $4395.60 Spending (Food, transport, activities & shopping): $3688
  • Transport on the tube was typically $20 a day


I received the UQ grant and the OS-HELP loan which contributed towards my flights and course fees. The funding was definitely helpful as it took away some strain to be able to pay for the experience.


Living at LSE Passfield Hall was an unforgettable and enriching experience. The vibrant atmosphere and diverse community of students made it a truly unique environment. I cherished the opportunity to meet and interact with people from all over the world, forging lifelong friendships. The historic charm of the building added a touch of character to my daily life, and the proximity to the heart of London allowed for easy exploration of the city. From late-night study sessions in the common areas to the shared meals and cultural exchanges, Passfield Hall was not just a place to live but a home that contributed significantly to my personal growth and my appreciation for the global perspective that LSE embodies. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of sharing a room at LSE Passfield Hall. It provided a unique opportunity to bond with roommates. It was a great way to make a new friend right from the start. I discovered this wonderful accommodation option through the LSE website during my application process, and it turned out to be a fantastic choice that added to the richness of my university life. The shared room not only offered cost-effective living but also facilitated a sense of community and collaboration that made my time at LSE all the more rewarding.


Living in the heart of London and studying at LSE, one of the world's most prestigious universities, has been the highlight of my academic journey. The dynamic and culturally rich environment of London provided an incredible backdrop for my education, with world-class museums, historical landmarks, and diverse neighbourhoods just a short walk away. This immersive experience not only enriched my academic life but also broadened my horizons, allowing me to engage with the global community that London represents. Studying at LSE was a privilege, and the city itself became an integral part of my learning journey, making my time there truly exceptional.

Advice/Top Tips

To fellow students considering the LSE experience in the future, I would offer a few valuable tips. First, embrace diversity and engage with your peers from around the world. The international community at LSE is a treasure trove of perspectives and cultures waiting to be explored. Second, manage your time wisely; LSE's academic rigor can be demanding, so finding a balance between studies, extracurricular activities, and exploring London is crucial. Lastly, take full advantage of the city – from its museums and parks to its bustling neighbourhoods and vibrant nightlife, London has so much to offer. Make it a point to explore and savour this incredible city. Ultimately, your time at LSE is a unique opportunity for personal and academic growth, so seize it with enthusiasm and an open mind.