When should I submit my application?

You can submit your written application once you have completed all the Activity Requirements and reflected upon them.  There are three application rounds per year and you can apply for any round, so long as you are still enrolled at UQ and complete the written application and interview before you graduate.  

Application round one - due 2 April 2023

Application round two - due 2 July 2023

Application round three - due 10 September 2023

The application guide is subject to change so we highly recommend you follow the online instructions that are in place during your final semester at UQ.

8. Notice of Outcome

Once the application has been reviewed, applicants will receive an email where they can view the assessor’s feedback.

If successful, applicants will be invited to book an Award interview.

If the application requires further improvements to meet the criteria, these will be outlined in the email and the applicant will be requested to make the changes and re-submit another application by a set date.

All Award correspondence will be via your UQ student email, so please ensure you are checking your inbox regularly.

Important dates

Once you complete the activity requirements for the Award, you can submit an application.   

Application round 1, 2023 - written applications due 2 April before 11.59pm

Application round 2, 2023 - written applications due 2 July before 11.59pm

Application round 3, 2023 - written applications due 10 September before 11.59pm

Please note: These are firm dates and no extensions will be granted.  

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