When should I submit my application?

You can submit your written application once you have completed all the Activity Requirements and reflected upon them.  There are three application rounds per year and you can apply for any round, so long as you are still enrolled at UQ and complete the written application and interview before you graduate.  

Application round one - due 2 April 2023

Application round two - due 2 July 2023

Application round three - due 10 September 2023

The application guide is subject to change so we highly recommend you follow the online instructions that are in place during your final semester at UQ.

4. Letter of Application

To submit the letter of application you will need to outline how your participation in the Award process has equipped you to be effective in whatever path you choose (max. 1000 words). This task is similar to writing an application for a job in which you must address the key selection criteria.

Below are the steps for preparing your letter,   

  • Identify four (4) key capabilities you have developed as a result of your Award experiences.   Treat each capability like selection criteria and address it by using the STAR-E technique; and
  • At the end of each response, explain how the capability will help you to be effective in your future work practices.


Example: Skills


Where were you?


As a full-time student who also works casually as a research assistant at UQ,


What were you expected to do?

I often need to manage several deadlines at the same time.  For example, there was a time when my manager assigned me to analyse 50 interview transcripts and identify key emerging themes.  Unfortunately, one of my major class assignments was also due the same week.  To be more specific, I needed to create a video reflecting on my learning in the course for that assignment.  I had a month to complete both tasks.


What action did you take?

In this case, I analysed the tasks such as the goals, requirements, what and who was involved, my roles, and the tools I needed.  I articulated what successful outcomes or final products would look like.  For my job work, I consulted the perceived outcomes with my supervisor while for my class assignment, I compared my final work with the marking rubrics.... Continue to outline your process.


What did you achieve?

The report on data analysis was well received by leadership and program staff.  Within three months, we successfully developed two research reports to use internally with UQ and one scholarly article to submit to the Q1 research journal based on my initial data analysis report.  Not only was my data analysis task successful, but my class assignment also received a high score, 97 out of 100.  



What would you do differently?  Be solutions-focused and don’t just focus on negative aspects.

I have learned that to effectively manage multiple priorities concurrently, I firstly needed to be clear about my tasks' goals, including the work involved and the deadline for each priority.  Secondly, I would develop a strategic action plan for each task to make sure that all tasks satisfy the task requirements and due dates.  Although I received excellent outcomes, I will always strive for improvement.

*Important: The aim of this exercise is to demonstrate how you would respond to selection criteria for a job. Therefore, if you cannot frame yourself in a positive manner, rethink your answer. A number of students struggle with the Evaluation component because sometimes it's not applicable, so don't use it if it's not. 

When writing your statements, it is imperative that you use the STAR-E formula to construct well-rounded and whole answers. Overall, you should aim for your letter to be coherent, evidence-based and motivation-based.


Tip for getting started

For more support on how to write selection criteria, check out our Introduction to Cover Letters and Selection Criteria learning module

Important dates

Once you complete the activity requirements for the Award, you can submit an application.   

Application round 1, 2023 - written applications due 2 April before 11.59pm

Application round 2, 2023 - written applications due 2 July before 11.59pm

Application round 3, 2023 - written applications due 10 September before 11.59pm

Please note: These are firm dates and no extensions will be granted.  

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