At UQ, we encourage students to enhance their employability through a wide range of experiences, not only on campus but also by engaging in activities in the wider community. Supplementary activities will help you hone in on your communication, problem-solving, interpersonal and organisation skills, and broaden vital professional and personal skills through experiential and training experiences.

Activity Titles in the Supplementary category cannot count twice.

Examples of activities

  • Executive member of a UQ Union student club or society
  • Representing your sporting team in tournaments or matches
  • Presenting a paper or poster at a conference
  • Completing the online course EMPLOY101X - Unlocking your employability
  • Participation in a competition coordinated by your school or faculty
  • Participation in a moot or debating team through your school or faculty

Search for more activity examples in the Activities Guide.

Activities Guide

Activities Guide

Activities are grouped into three core categories.

 Download the guide;(PDF, 708KB)