While overseas

1. Enrolment and courses

Find information on the enrolment process and how to handle problems with your courses. 

Enrolment at UQ 

You will automatically be enrolled as a full-time student at UQ during your exchange. We will add 4 EXCH course codes (worth 8 UQ units) to your mySI-net account. Ensure that you are not enrolled in any other UQ codes for the semester you are going on exchange. 

It is your responsibility to check that you are enrolled in 4 EXCH course codes on mySI-net by the UQ Census Date:

  • 31 March for Semester 1
  • 31 August for Semester 2

If you have special permission to study a reduced load of 6 UQ units, you will need to withdraw from an EXCH course code (worth 2 units) before Census Date. 

How to withdraw from courses on mySI-net

Enrolment at host university 

Your host university will provide you with instructions on how to register and enrol for courses. You will typically find this information outlined in your acceptance letter, on the host university website, or emailed to you before your departure.

Enrol in courses at your host university as soon as possible. Classes can fill up quickly and you may miss out on courses that have been approved by your UQ faculty.

Problems with courses

Your host university will operate differently to UQ. You may experience difficulty in enrolling in pre-approved courses due to timetable clashes, limited places or a change in the language of instruction.

If you experience any issues regarding the host university's courses, you can:

  • talk to your lecturer to see if they can make an exception for you as an exchange student, 
  • provide a recent UQ transcript, demonstrating that you have taken an equivalent pre-requisite,
  • ask the International Office at the host university if they can assist you.

If you are unable to sign up for a class that was pre-approved in your study plan, you will need to find alternative courses at the host unievrsity and request approval from your UQ faculty for the new courses. Please send an email to UQ Abroad and your UQ Faculty explaining the situation, with a revised study plan and host unievrsity course profiles.

If your host unievrsity enrolment deadline passes before the new courses have been assessed/approved by your UQ Fcaulty, please enrol yourself in the host unievrsity courses that you believe are the most appropriate/best suited to your UQ degree. Then negotiate with the host university International Office about the process of changing your enrolment if necessary.

Keep copies of all UQ correspondence regarding course approval, a copy of host university's course profile and your assessment. This will assist with transferring credit back to UQ.