While overseas

2. Settling in

Experiencing a new culture can be exciting - but it can also be overwhelming. You're not alone in feeling like this. 

Check out a video - the "Cultural Adaptation Cycle"

Helpful hints

Here's some advice on how to adjust to your new environment:

    • Attend orientation programs at your host university.
    • Keep making plans and hang out with people you get along with.
    • Join clubs, societies and sporting teams that interest you.
    • Explore your new city by exercising and going for walks. 
    • Keep a journal. 

    Find more tips on settling in 

    Culture shock can affect you physically and emotionally. Symptoms can include feeling isolated, difficulty sleeping, feeling irritable and finding it hard to concentrate. These reactions are very normal and usually temporary. If you're concerned, it might be a good idea to check your symptoms with a doctor.


    If you are having a tough time settling into the new culture you may wish to:

    • make an appointment with your host university's counselling service, and
    • touch base with friends or family about how you are feeling.

    You can still access UQ Counselling services while overseas if you need to.