Make the most out of your experience and develop key employability skills and self-awareness.

Before applying to participate in a short-term global experience we invite you complete the following steps to ensure you consider the opportunity holistically.

Experiences explained


Consider what and why

There are many motivators for you to engage with a short-term global experience;

  • Opportunity to travel and see the world;
  • Attend a world-class institution;
  • Cultivate your language skills;
  • Develop global networks;
  • Gain academic credit or recognition.

These motivators will be personal to you and it is important that you spend some time considering the following questions so that you engage with an opportunity that is well aligned with your expectations and future goals.

Be mindful about why you want to participate in a short-term global experience and what you hope to achieve from doing so. This will help to influence which experience is most suitable for you.

  1. What is your primary motivation for engaging with a short-term global experience (credit? corporate exposure? timing? cost? reputation of institution?)
  2. What are your deal breakers when it comes to global experience content (is accommodation a must? perhaps funding? what about being able to obtain credit?)
  3. What are you hoping to achieve through the experience? How will the experience help you achieve these?
  4. What are your biggest barriers to participate in a short-term global experience? How can these be overcome?
  5.  Who do you need to discuss things with to provide greater clarity in this space (family? faculty? friends?)

Seek advice

As you begin to identify why you want to participate in a short-term global experience, you may like to discuss your options in more detail with the following people in order to understand how everything will connect and what your best experience options may be in consideration of your primary motivators:

UQ Faculty

Talk to an academic advisor in your UQ Faculty to understand how your participation in a short-term global experience will impact on your UQ degree program.

It's really important that you seek academic guidance even if you don't intend to obtain credit for participation in the experience, but especially if you do!

Contact your faculty:

UQ Abroad

Drop into UQ Abroad (Building 17, Room 108) between 11-2pm daily to discuss any queries or concerns you have, one of our UQ Abroad advisors would be happy to help. Alternatively, you can email UQ Abroad or pop into our short-term specific advising hours on Wednesday's from 1230-2pm.

Request to join our UQ Abroad Facebook page and quiz past, present and future global experience participants for their advice and feedback.

Check out what our short-term global experience alumni have to say about their experiences and review their top tips!

Hosts and providers

There may be some specific questions that you have about the content or delivery of a global experience: it's best to contact the host about these as they are responsible for confirming the experience details. You can find information relating to program host and contact details via the relevant supported experience shortlist.

Family and friends

Don't forget to seek guidance from those who know you best - they might have some interesting insights to help support you.

Confirm your eligibility

To be eligible to participate in a global experience in Summer 2016-17, you will:

  • have successfully completed at least 6 units in your current UQ program at a UQ campus (with no Academic Progression Warning(s) within the last 6 units)
  • have a minimum cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 4.0 and meet the GPA requirements for the nominated global experience
  • be currently enrolled and taking classes in a degree program at UQ
  • have sufficient time left in your degree to study a minimum of 2 units while participating, or upon return from the short-term program
  • not be participating as a UQ Abroad semester exchange student following the short-term global experience
  • meet any other published UQ Abroad or UQ Faculty eligibility requirements relevant to the nominated global experience
International students 

Students studying at UQ on an international student visa are not permitted to participate in a global experience in their country of citizenship unless specifically advertised on the UQ Abroad website or the nominated global experience.

Meeting eligibility 

Students must ensure they meet the specific eligibility criteria and complete the relevant application procedure with their preferred host. The program host is responsible for making the final decision over the student’s eligibility to participate in the nominated global experience.

Teaching period date impacts:

There are a number of short-term global experiences available that impact on semester classes. Students must meet the eligibility criteria below, in addition to the standard eligibility criteria:

  1. Their application for credit for participation in the experience is approved by their faculty;
  2. They have a minimum GPA of 5.25,as shown on their UQ studies report;
  3. They will be in Australia and ready to attend classes from Teaching Week 3 at the latest;
  4. They will check the assessment requirements for their enrolled courses in the Electronic Course Profile (ECP) to determine that they will not miss any items of assessment;
  5. They will understand that no special consideration will be given by the Faculty for assessment extensions or deferred exams because of the late commencement.
  6. They will select and enrol in semester courses by the due date for enrolment. 
Impact on semester classes

All students should be aware of the deadlines to change course enrolment (add/drop courses) for the semester following their short-term program.

If you wish to add a course after the specified deadlines, you are required to submit a Late Addition of Course form to the Faculty for consideration however, it is unlikely it would be permitted if you have not been attending classes and missed any assessment pieces.

Special considerations

If students do not satisfy the above-published criteria, they will need to include a statement with their application justifying why UQ Abroad should consider varying the rules in your case. This document should be upload as a 'supporting document' to the student’s online application form, or emailed to UQ Abroad immediately after submitting their application.

Decisions and appeals

A decision around a student’s eligibility will be made on consideration of the information provided by the student at the time of application submission. If a student submits an incomplete application or does not meet all of the required eligibility criteria, their application will be formally denied by UQ Abroad.

If a student is unsatisfied with the decision made by UQ Abroad regarding their application to participate in a short-term global experience they can submit a request for special consideration in writing to the Director, UQ Advantage office or by email to Requests for special consideration should be made in consideration of the following grounds:

  1. Mathematical error
  2. Special circumstances (not known or provided at the time of application)

The Director, UQ Advantage may seek advice from the student’s Associate Dean Academic before making a decision over the student’s request for appeal. The Director, UQ Advantages’ decision is final. 

Research available experiences

In order to participate in a short-term global experience, you must select one UQ Abroad approved experience from the relevant shortlist.

As the experiences vary enormously in terms of location, discipline, length and cost, you are encouraged to thoroughly research the programs available and take into consideration the following when seeking advice from your UQ Faculty and UQ Abroad.

  • Space remaining in your UQ program (at least #2 units of electives preferred)
  • Which program offers the most relevant courses for your UQ program.
  • Application requirements of the host institution (including their specific eligibility criteria)
  • Cost of the program and funding available.
  • Language of instruction.

Please visit the host webpages directly in order to access more detailed and relevant information. Short-term global experiences are usually managed on a first come, first serve basis - make sure you apply as early as possible.

Find supported experiences

Please Note: You can only submit one application at a time to participate in a short-term global experience so make your choice carefully.

Draft a budget

Participating in a short-term global experience can be very expensive, particularly if you choose to participate as a not-for-credit student. Please read through the relevant information on costs involved in a short-term global experience and draft up a budget to ensure you can afford to participate.

While UQ funding may be available to support your participation in a short-term global experience there is no guarantee you will receive this funding and we therefore strongly advise you not to rely on this funding. Decisions around UQ funding will not be made until after many hosts will require you to pay a non-refundable experience fee.

As we do not guarantee funding, you must be confident that you can afford to participant in the short-term global experience before applying.

Review terms and conditions

Before applying, make sure you're aware of and happy to abide by the terms and conditions included in the Conditions of Participation. You will be asked to formally agree to these conditions once an assessment of your short-term global experience has been completed.

You should also review the FAQs and our Top Tips which give an invaluable insight into what you should and shouldn't do in preparation for your short-term global experience.

 Need help?

We are available to guide you through these steps if you have questions or concerns please contact us!

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