Participating in a short-term global experience can be expensive, particularly if you choose to participate as a not-for-credit student.

Depending on the length of your program, we estimate it will cost $4,000-7,000 AUD to cover flights, visas, insurance, living and travel costs in addition to program tuition costs and additional travel.

It is important to draft a budget to ensure you can afford to participate.

UQ funding

While funding from UQ may be available to support your participation in a short-term global experience there is no guarantee you will receive this funding.

Decisions around funding from UQ will not be made until after many hosts will require you to pay a non-refundable experience fee. We strongly advise that you do not rely on this funding.

Funding options

When you submit your application for a short-term global experience, you are automatically considered for a:

You may also be eligible for:

  • An OS-HELP Loan if your program is for-credit and you meet the OS-HELP loan criteria.  Applications must be submitted by the appropriate deadline.

Program-specific scholarships

Some host programs may offer special scholarships or funding for UQ students. Information regarding program-specific funding can be found below: 


If you receive assistance from Centrelink and are completing your short-term experience for-credit, you can arrange to continue to receive these payments while you are overseas.

Centrelink requires the following information in writing from UQ:

  • your study load while overseas
  • the duration of your overseas study, including specific dates
  • confirmation that your overseas study will count towards your UQ degree program

You can request a UQ Global Experience Confirmation Letter from the Global Experiences Team once you have been officially accepted by your host university.

Please contact Centrelink for more details concerning your eligibility and payments, including if your short-term global experience is not-for-credit.

Tuition and program fees

Study abroad tuition fees

If the short-term global experience you are interested in is a 'Study Abroad' mode, you will pay tuition fees directly to the host. 

Exchange tuition fees

If the short-term global experience mode is an 'Exchange' you will pay tuition fees directly to UQ instead of the host. You will pay all other associated program and administration fees directly to the host. 

Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents with or without a Humanitarian visa and New Zealand citizens will continue as Commonwealth supported (HECS) undergraduate students and will have their student contribution charged at the Band 1 (Arts) rate ($396.81 per unit in 2017 ). Postgraduate domestic students will be required to pay fees at the Band 2 domestic student tuition fee rate (in 2017 $1090.00 per unit). Australian Citizens will continue to be eligible for FEE-HELP for exchange courses; Australian Permanent Residents and New Zealand citizens (who are not eligible for FEE-HELP) will be required to pay their tuition fees up-front.

International students on exchange who commenced their current program of study before 2016 will be charged at the Band 9 international student tuition fee rate ($1,540 per unit in 2017). International students who commenced their program of study after 2015 will be charged program based fees. Program based fees means that all courses, including exchange courses, are charged at the same tuition fee rate for a given academic year. Check out the indicative program fees.

Please note that tuition fees and student contribution rates increase each year. You can use the Fee Calculator to check the fees for exchange (EXCH) courses

Administrative/program fees

You are responsible for paying any fees related to the delivery and administration of the short-term global experience.

It is important you confirm with the host university what is included/excluded in these fees.

The host university will have deadlines relating to the payment of these fees and it is your responsibility to make the payments, in full, by the appropriate deadline.

Travel costs


You are responsible for researching, booking, and paying for any flights and/or travel associated with the short-term global experience.

Students are advised not to book non-refundable travel until they receive acceptance from the host university and confirmation of their visa.


You are responsible for researching, applying for, and paying any associated fees required to obtain an appropriate visa for the duration of your short-term global experience.

Students are advised not to book non-refundable travel until they receive acceptance from the host university and confirmation of their visa.


You may have to obtain specific insurance to meet the visa and/or host university requirements for participation in a short-term global experience.

Approved short-term program participants are covered by UQ’s Corporate Travel Insurance. Read the UQ Travel Insurance Policy to identify if you will need to purchase additional insurance. 

Accommodation fees

You are responsible for organising and paying for your accommodation.

Host universities will often provide accommodation options at a set fee or even include accommodation in the cost of the program. 

Accommodation options can be found on each short-term global experience page