There are a number of different opportunities to be involved in virtual internship opportunities during the summer and winter breaks. Below are details on the providers that have been approved as Student Employability Centre (SEC) Internship opportunities, and details on the opportunities they offer.

Applications for Summer 2020/2021 are NOW OPEN!

5. CISaustralia: Virtual Internships

Applications for CISaustralia are now closed

Who are CISaustralia?

CISaustralia is dedicated to providing university students with innovative, high quality, short-term overseas study, intern and volunteer experiences, while promoting global awareness, inspiring personal growth, and developing engaged world citizens. The opportunity for Australians to combine travel and education has never been greater. CISaustralia provides students with unprecedented global learning opportunities – cultural immersion, stepping out of your comfort zone, experiencing new sights, tastes and sounds.

CISaustralia offer virtual internships in China, Hong Kong, South Africa and USA. These virtual internship programs allow you to gain professional work experience in your chosen field with an international company – without the costs of airfare, visas or extra travel expenses – making this an affordable and exciting opportunity!

Through this internship, you will gain professional experience and build your resume while working remotely on projects and tasks that add value to your company or organisation. This experience will be primarily project-based, with either one larger project over the course of the internship or several smaller ongoing assignments. Regardless of how many you undertake, each project will be substantive and you can be sure you are contributing to the organisation in a meaningful way. While this program allows for flexibility and independence, you will also have plenty of guidance and support from a designated supervisor.

What can I participate in?

CISaustralia offer a range of virtual internship opportunities over a wide array of sectors including:

  • Arts and Design
  • Business and Marketing
  • Communication
  • Education
  • Environmental Conservation
  • Media
  • Human Rights
  • Science, Technology , Engineering, Math
  • Social Science and Humanities

Further information on each virtual internship can be found on the CISaustralia website.

What did the pasts student say?

Costs & Inclusions

Depending on the location of the host organisation the program fee will range from AUD $1,699 to AUD $2,099 plus an application fee of AUD $95 for UQ students who are successfully placed within a program. 

Students must apply to both UQ and CISaustralia via the links below.

This cost includes:

  1. Internship placement and supervision
  2. Minimum 25 hours of remote work experience per week
  3. CISaustralia support services before, during and after the program
  4. Preparation guide and session
  5. Orientation
  6. Cultural workshops
  7. Weekly newsletters including cultural topics, tips and information on professional and personal development
  8. CISaustralia Certificate of Participation (available on request)
  9. Final evaluation provided by your supervisor

Note: Students must have access to a personal computer, a reliable internet connection and must be available to be online during the host organisation’s local working hours for bi-weekly check-ins (twice per week) with your supervisor (mornings or evenings as mutually agreed in advance).


When you submit an internship application, you are automatically considered for a AUD $750 grant supporting short-term internship participants.

To be considered you must have uploaded your Host Organisation Acceptance Letter by 8 November 2020.

There is no additional application required.

If you have already submitted an application for the Employability Grant for your internship, you will receive an email to advise that your application will be withdrawn and that you will be automatically considered for the short-term internship grant instead. Please note that you cannot receive two types of funding for the same experience.

Grants are limited and may be awarded by a selection committee on the basis of:

  • academic merit
  • academic progression as provided at the time of application
  • in consideration of other scholarships awarded to the student
  • applicants will be considered for only one grant from the Student Employability Centre per application round

This grant is not guaranteed even if all selection criteria are met.

Students who are due to graduate at the end of semester 2, 2020 will not be eligible for this grant.


To participate in a CISaustralia virtual internship program, you must;

1. Be actively enrolled into a UQ program and courses*,
2. Not due to graduate at the end of the semester of application*,
3. Have a minimum GPA of 4 and a record of steady academic achievement, and
4. Meet all other criteria as outlined by the host organisation.

*Due to the evolving situation of COVID-19, students may be considered for participation in this program if they are not currently enrolled. Students who are due to graduate at the end of semester 2, 2020 are also eligible to apply, although they may not be eligible for UQ Insurance while undertaking their internship. These exceptions are for this round of applications only.

How do I apply?

Please apply to both UQ and CISaustralia as below:

Application deadline varies depending on your program start date:

Program Start Dates Application Deadline
23 November 2020 27 September 2020*
4 January 2021 8 November 2020*

Applications to UQ

Applications for CISaustralia are now closed*.


Applications to CISaustralia

Applications for CISaustralia are now closed*.


*Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted.


Key Dates

Summer Break Period, 2020/2021

Start: 22 November 2020
End: 19 February 2021

UQ Application Dates

Open: 3 August 2020
Close: Varied dependent on provider

Internships must start and end within the dates specify above

Information Session

Learn more about the program opportunities before you apply by attending the provider information sessions below!

Upcoming sessions

There are currently no upcoming information sessions.


Past session recordings

Forage (previously InsideSherpa) Virtual Experience Programs | Thursday 13 August | Session recording

NEXSTEP Virtual Internships | Monday 17 August | Session recording

World Endeavors Virtual International Internships | Tuesday 25 August |  Session recording

Pagoda Projects Remote Internships | Wednesday 26 August | Session recording

CISaustralia Virtual Internships | Thursday 10 September | Session recording

The Intern Group Virtual Internships | Thursday 17 September | Session recording

Virtual Internship Partners | Tuesday 22 September | Session recording

ISA Global Remote Internships in Spain | Tuesday 29 September | Session recording

Practera Nano Industry Projects | Tuesday 13 October | Session recording

International Internships Virtual Mobility Programs | Wednesday 28 October  | Session recording

Credit for Internships

Some students may be able to receive credit towards their UQ program pending faculty approval. The Student Employability team is unable to provide further advice regarding internships for credit. If you are interested in seeking credit, please refer to the Credit for Internships page for more specific details

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