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Find out how the student exchange program works and learn where to find resources to make the process of applying easier.

The following information may also help you understand how a global study experience can connect to your studies and what your best exchange options may be.

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Try to book in with the Global Experiences Adviser who specialises in your program and region of choice, but if you can't, then any of the team can assist you.

How does the student exchange program work?

The student exchange program allows you to study overseas for one or two semesters at one of UQ's exchange partner universities.

While on exchange, you remain enrolled at UQ and continue to pay tuition fees or defer your HECS-HELP payments to UQ. No additional tuition fees are paid to the host university.

You are required to be enrolled in a standard full-time study load (#8 units) while on exchange and must be able to receive credit for the courses you plan to take on exchange. Your UQ faculty will assess your study plan as part of the application process.

The grades you receive while on exchange do not count towards your GPA for your UQ degree. If you successfully pass all of your pre-approved courses at the host university, you should receive credit towards your UQ degree. Your GPA however, will remain the same as your previous semester.

Exchange Timeline

Before you submit an application

  1. Attend an information session.
  2. Confirm your eligibility for exchange.
  3. Complete a progression check.
  4. Choose your preferred host university.
  5. Find out about available funding.
  6. Talk to a Global Experience Adviser.
  7. Read student stories from your preferred host university, or chat with returned students
  8. Organise your study plan.
  9. Apply for exchange.

    CHECKLIST: Before Applying for Exchange

    Where to find more information

    Global Experiences (formerly UQ Abroad)

    Email the Global Experiences Office

    Book your Global Experiences appointment

    UQ Faculty

    Talk to an academic adviser in your faculty to understand how your participation in an exchange program will impact on your UQ degree program.

    As faculty staff are often very busy, we recommend that you seek advice early by organising an academic advising session well in advance.

    Contact your faculty:

    Host universities

    Please do not contact the host universities directly until you have been officially accepted as an exchange student by the institution.