Employability Award

Develop the mindset and capabilities to be effective in any path you choose

The Employability Award is a structured program that recognises the personal and professional development you can gain from your involvement in activities above and beyond your academic studies.  It is essentially a learning program that will guide you through a range of experiences and reflections to unlock your potential.

Participation is open to both undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students studying at UQ with the opportunity to receive the Award upon graduation.


Important dates

Applications to receive the Award must be submitted by the following dates in your final semester of study.

29 April for Semester 1 Graduations

30 September for Semester 2 Graduations

Please note: These are firm dates and no extensions will be granted. 

Benefits for students

Completion of the Award program is a rewarding process in itself.  Other benefits include:

  • The opportunity to become a reflective practitioner.
  • Receiving a formal Statement of Attainment upon graduation,
  • Recognition as a UQ Future Leader and nomination into the UQ Future Leaders Program,
  • Access to VIP workshops and networking events; and
  • Creating a greater sense of belonging by becoming more actively engaged at UQ and within the wider community.

Opportunity awaits

Hear how Yunan used the Award program to seize new opportunities for development and shifted her mindset along the way.

About the Award

The Award process

The Employability Award Process

You will need to complete the steps outlined above to receive the Award.

Register for the Award

Information on how it works

Read the full conditions of participation here

  • All activities that count towards the Award must be extra-curricular (not for course credit)
  • Only activities completed during your current program of study at UQ can be included
  • After completing an activity, you are required to record and reflect on it in StudentHub
  • Once you have completed all the program requirements, you can undertake the application process to receive the Award
  • Award ePortfolio applications need to be submitted by April 29 for semester one graduations or September 30 for semester two graduations.
  • Award interviews are conducted between weeks 12 - 13 only.  Students must book an interview between this period.

Who can participate?

All currently enrolled full degree undergraduate, honours or postgraduate coursework students can register for the Award at any time throughout their degree. 

There are no minimum GPA requirements. The program is designed to complement your degree and will not extend your program.

You have the duration of your degree to work towards the Award program requirements, however you are not obliged to complete them and receive the Award.  

Your extra-curricular activities can be completed at any time during your degree, however you should only submit your application for the Award in the semester you are due to graduate.

Before you embark on your adventures and begin activities, there are some things you need to consider.

We strongly recommend you familiarise yourself with the information outlined below.

Activities Guide

Download the Activities Guide to view examples of the activities you can complete.

 Download the guide;(PDF, 1.7MB) 

Here are some activities that are currently open for application.  

Information sessions

Want to know more about the Employability Award? Attend one of our information sessions, open to all undergraduate students and staff members, or book a one-on-one appointment.

What our students say

Hear stories and advice from previous Award recipients

Kate Goodfruit
"It is arguably the best experience I have had to date, as I experienced the world of diplomacy first-hand through interning at the Australian Embassy, developed networks and connections with leaders around the globe, and reinforced confidence in myself and my abilities to achieve."
Yanyan Hong
"TED2018 was a life-changing experience and it was the most intellectually stimulating and satisfying event that I have ever been to. This experience enhanced my social networking skills, translation skills and most importantly it made me believe in the greatest potentials of ourselves."
Lewis Jones
"There were so many incredible experiences that came from the Employability Award program. It encouraged me to participate in a wide variety of activities beyond what I would usually consider, and also exposed me to a wide variety of employers, thought leaders and other high-achieving students."
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