Employability Award

Develop the mindset and capabilities to be effective in any path you choose

The Employability Award is a structured program that recognises the personal and professional development you can gain from your involvement in activities above and beyond your academic studies.  It is essentially a learning program that will guide you through a range of experiences and reflections to unlock your potential.

Participation is open to both undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students studying at UQ. 

Information sessions

Want to know more about the Employability Award? Attend one of our information sessions, open to all undergraduate students and staff members, or book a one-on-one appointment.

Upcoming Employability Award Sessions

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Important dates

Semester 1 - closed

Semester 2 deadline - Sunday 15 September, 2024 (11:59pm)

Please note: These are firm dates for your written application and no extensions will be granted. We recommend that you prepare to submit your application early to avoid disappointment. 

     Got Questions?

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    Benefits for students

    Completion of the Award program is a rewarding process in itself.  Other benefits include:

    • The opportunity to become a reflective practitioner.
    • Receive a digital certificate endorsed by the Vice-Chancellor and Academic Registrar,
    • Access to VIP workshops and networking events; and
    • Creating a greater sense of belonging by becoming more actively engaged at UQ and within the wider community.

    Alex, 2023 Employability Award Recipient
    "I really loved that this award processed pushed me out of my comfort zone. My experience across a range of activities and experience meant that I gained confidence in both a professional environment and social setting."

    Opportunity awaits

    Hear how Yunan used the Award program to seize new opportunities for development and shifted her mindset along the way.

    Yuxuan, 2023 Award Recipient

    Employability Award Recipient Image

    The Employability Award provides a ‘ladder’. It gave me a lot more "hands-on" for my subsequent preparations. Let me know that I should develop myself in a diversified way and improve and polish myself in all aspects to get closer to the role I want to be. It is a "medal" that I can be proud of in the future. After these internships, volunteering, and research experiences, I became even more determined.

    For future students, my suggestion is that you should really apply for this award. This will push you to broaden your horizons and make your career plan more complete. The staff in the program are the best mentors, and they will provide you with more professional advice. Helping you become the person you want to be more of. Participating in this process is a worthwhile trip!"

    Felicity, 2023 Award Recipient

    "I became involved in EA accidently, I volunteered as a mentor for first year psych students and heard about it, so joined not really knowing how much it would save me. At the end of my studies, when I applied for the award the Employability Award team helped me understand how to express skills I did not know how to express about myself; time management, leadership, empathy, process management, interpersonal skills.

    While completing activities I had some of the best moments of my student life; such as conferences, public speaking opportunity, and leadership roles, that have given me an insight into my capabilities that I can confidently communicate with other professionals. Nurturing this side of my self was amazing self care and receiving the award was the icing on the cake at the end of my degree. I am now ready to present myself as a PhD candidate at a future interview."

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