There are a few things to consider when developing your project idea, these include:

Ensure your idea aligns to the Project Selection Criteria

Members of the SSP Projects Team and nominated student partners review all submissions in alignment to the selection criteria. If the panel has queries, you may receive an email to seek clarification on elements of your proposal. Project Instigators will be invited to respond to these queries (as detailed within the specified timelines).

Review the criteria

Review the timelines

Please check that you are available for the project induction period and for the duration of the project. If you have any concerns about the timelines, please reach out.

Check the timelines


The SSP Projects Team are happy to meet in person or via Zoom to discuss your Project ideas and are happy to peer-review submission drafts.

If you would like feedback on your draft submission, you are more than welcome to email Please note the peer review dates in the timelines.

Submit your Project idea

When you are ready, submit your idea using the below form. Please remember to submit before the closing date of your desired round (check timelines)

Submit your idea

Once project submissions have been reviewed, you will be notified via email of the project outcome. If you are successful, here are some of the next steps:


  1. Student Partners apply
    Spread the word about your project amongst your networks! We find that a greater number of applications are received if the individual projects are disseminated through channels such as: emails to a student cohort; BlackBoard; or School/Faculty/Unit social media pages. 

  2. Select Student Partners
    Project Instigators are responsible for selecting their student partners and notifying the SSP Projects Team of their preferences.

    Considerations for selecting Student Partners
    Note: You may choose to interview students once you have reviewed all applications to make sure it’s the right fit. 

  3. Attend a team induction
    Once all student partners have accepted their offer you will attend an induction as a team during the induction period.

    Find out more about Project timelines