There are a number of different opportunities to be involved in virtual internship opportunities during the summer and winter breaks. Below provides details on the providers that have been approved as UQ SEC Internship opportunities, and details on the opportunities they provide.

Following the changes to the 2020 Academic Timetable, and as an one off situation, the virtual internship programs for Winter 2020 will run into teaching week 1 of semester two. Students must ensure that their participation of virtual internships does not jeopardise their academic learning and they will not receive any special consideration for assessment extensions or deferred exams should they choose to complete an internship program during Winter 2020.

1. Practera: Nano

Who are Practera?

Practera is a project-based experiential learning platform, designed by teachers and instructional designers to support the process of experiential and work integrated learning.

What can I participate in?

UQ in conjunction with Practera, are offering students the opportunity to work on a 2-week real-world business experience, via virtual collaboration with your student team, and client. This program is open to UQ students from all faculties and levels of study, however, eligibility criteria will apply. There are two nano programs available for students to participate in, only one program can be completed within a round. Please find further details on the two programs below. 

Program 1: Global Trade Accelerator (GTA)

The Global Trade Accelerator Program connects student teams to undertake international market research/analysis projects for real Australian Exporters through a project learning app. Through GTA students will act as ‘consultants’ to conduct a market research analysis for an Australian Exporter. Students will be required to commit to 25 hours in total over the 2-week experience. Student teams can meet in person or collaborate completely online to complete the project.

This program is part of the Launch U Trade Accelerator Program (LTA) supported by Study Queensland.

Program 2: Shared Value

Shared Value is an experiential learning project that develops key 21st century capabilities as students conduct research and provide recommendations in response to a client brief. Students will research, identify and present practical initiatives aligned to a UN Sustainability Goal to increase the positive social, environmental and economic impact the client has in the world.

All organisations, large and small, Government, private and not-for profits, have a role to play in creating a more sustainable economy and a more just society. However, this responsibility does not need to be separate to business opportunities; shared value initiatives should simultaneously increase competitive advantage and be in the pursuit of core business strategy & profits. Students will be required to commit 25 hours in total over the 2-week experience. Student teams can meet in person or collaborate completely online to complete the project.

What are the aims, and what do they involve?

As a student consultant in these programs, you will:

  • Work in a team with other students
  • Respond to an export brief provided by an Australian organisation
  • Work with your allocated team to conduct a 2-week market research / market analysis project
  • Develop real world professional skills

The program aims to help improve your ability to:

  • Work well in a diverse team
  • Collaborate across disciplines
  • Manage a project
  • Deliver a market research project

Costs & Inclusions

There are no fees or associated costs that students are required to pay toward completing a Practera Nano program.

When successfully completed students will be receive:

  • direct feedback from their client on their project outcome,
  • a certificate on completion, and
  • a completion badge to display on their LinkedIn profile.


Students completing this program are not eligible to apply for the Employability grant.

What did past student think were the benefits?

Below are the testimonials from students who participate in the November, 2019 and February, 2020 cohorts.

“This program has been really useful in identifying and outlining the key skills necessary for the workplace and has helped me identify core areas that I need to develop further.”Shared Value Program, UQ Domestic Student, Bachelor of Science.

“The Global Trade Accelerator Program was a great learning and working experience for me. I joined this program with little to no professional experience in business research however, with the support of this program I have greatly developed my skills in this short time frame. By articulating my knowledge and communications skills as an engineering student, I was able to contribute to the team from a different perspective and collaboratively work with so many potential future leaders from various backgrounds; including Social Sciences, Environmental Management, Business and Humanitarians. This is definitely a great start to my 2020. Looking forward to own more unknowns.” – GTA Program, UQ International Student, Bachelor of Engineering/Computer Science


To participate in a Practera Nano program, you must;

1. Be actively enrolled into a UQ program and courses*,
2. Not due to graduate at the end of the semester of application*, and
3. Have a minimum GPA of 4 and a record of steady academic achievement.

*Due to changes to the academic timetable resulting from COVID19, students will be considered for participation in this program if they are not currently enrolled. Students who are due to graduate at the end of semester 1, 2020 are also eligible to apply, although they may be ineligible for UQ Insurance while undertaking this virtual internship. These exceptions to the criteria are for this round of applications only.

How do I apply?

Practera Nano internship programs take place during the universities winter and summer breaks. You can apply for the next round of opportunities below:

Applications Open: Thursday 9 April, 2020

Applications Close: Sunday 21 June, 2020

Apply now

Key Dates

Winter Break Period, 2020

Start: 13 July 2020
End: 7 August 2020

UQ Application Dates

Open: 9 April 2020
Close: *Application Deadlines Extended. Please refer to the specific program for this information

Information Session

Learn more about the program opportunities before you apply by attending the provider information sessions below!

There are no further information sessions for Winter 2020 Virtual Internship Programs.

Credit for Internships

Some students may be able to receive credit towards their UQ program pending faculty approval. The Student Employability team is unable to provide further advice regarding internships for credit. If you are interested in seeking credit, please refer to the Credit for Internships page for more specific details

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