University of Bristol Summer Schools

With an international reputation for high-quality education and research, study at a Top 10 UK university through the University of Bristol Summer Schools. The programme emphasises practical skills and offers hands-on, immersive, and career-ready experiences across a range of disciplines. 

    Recently ranked as the best place to live in Britain, Bristol is proud of its creativity, diversity and independent spirit, and it’s known for its culture, music scene, history and café culture.

    Fields of study

    • Anthropology
    • Archaeology
    • Art history 
    • Arts
    • Biological sciences
    • Biomedical sciences
    • Conservation and heritage
    • Classics and museum studies
    • Geography
    • History
    • Social Sciences
    • Sociology

    Go to the 'Courses' tab to find the full list of courses, dates, cohort and credit information. 

    Credit equivalent

    10 UK Credits = 2 UQ Units. Maximum of 4 UQ Units if two consecutive schools are taken (pending UQ faculty approval).

    Visa Information

    It is your responsibility to ensure you have the correct visa for the country where you will be studying. As the Global Experiences team is not a visa-issuing authority we cannot provide visa advice.

    Please review the host university webpage for visa and immigration information.

    Eligibility and application

    All applicants must meet the UQ short-term experience eligibility criteria and the University of Bristol entry requirements for the relevant course. 

    For more information regarding the entry requirements, please see the 'Courses' tab for information on the different courses offered. 

    Some courses impact on UQ semester 2 dates. UQ students must meet the additional special conditions for programs that impact on teaching dates.

    If you intend to undertake your experience for-credit, it is strongly recommended that you submit your application to IGET at least 4 weeks before applying to the host to allow sufficient time for faculty to complete the credit assessment. Please note however that it is your responsibility to meet the host application deadline.  

    Apply to UQ  Apply to host 

      Course list

      Please click the relevant course link to find more detailed information regarding tuition fees and entry requirements. 

      UQ students can choose from one of the following courses:

      Archaeology Field School 

      • Start Date: 16 June 2024
      • End Date: 29 June 2024
      • Credit: For-credit or Not-for-credit

      Arts, Activism and Social Justice 

      • Start Date: 16 June 2024
      • End Date: 6 July 2024
      • Credit: For-credit or Not-for-credit

      Biomedical Sciences Lab *

      • Start Date: 7 July 2024
      • End Date: 27 July 2024*
      • Credit: For-credit only

      Black Humanities 

      • Start Date: 16 June 2024
      • End Date: 6 July 2024
      • Credit: For-credit or Not-for-credit

      Environmental Humanities *

      • Start Date: 7 July 2024
      • End Date: 27 July 2024*
      • Credit: For-credit only

      Innovation and Entrepreneurship *

      • Start Date: 7 July 2024
      • End Date: 27 July 2024*
      • Credit: For-credit only

      * dates impact on UQ semester 2


      The participation mode of this experience is Study Abroad, meaning you pay tuition directly to the host. Tuition fees vary depending on your course choice and cost approximately $5,750 to $6,500* per course, including accommodation. 

      * A 10% discount applies to UQ Students if applications are submitted by 1 March 2024. 

      Detailed information regarding program fees can be found on the individual course descriptions linked in the 'Courses' tab, and more information regarding fee inclusions can be found on the host university website.


      Accommodation is included in the program cost. For more information regarding accommodation, please see the host university website.


      Internships and Global Experiences Grants

      When you submit your application for an experience, you are automatically considered for funding that is relevant to your nominated experience. Please refer to the  Short-Term Experiences Funding  page for details. 

      OS-HELP Loan

      You may also be eligible to submit an application for an OS-HELP loan if your program is for-credit and you are enrolled as a Commonwealth-supported student.

      Key Dates

      Application Deadlines

      UQ: 14 April 2024
      Host: Varies, see 'courses' tab for specific information

      Program Dates

      See the 'Courses' tab for course-specific program dates.

      Fast Facts

      Type: Study
      Mode: Study Abroad
      Location: Bristol, England
      Credit: Varies, see the 'Courses' tab for specific information
      Cohort: Undergraduate

      OS-HELP Loan

      If you participate in a short-term program you may also be eligible to submit an application for an OS-HELP loan if your program is for-credit and you are enrolled as a Commonwealth-supported student. 

      Application Deadlines

      15 January for overseas study commencing March to August
      15 March for overseas study commencing May to October
      15 June for overseas study commencing August to January
      15 September for overseas study commencing November to April

      OS-HELP Loan application deadlines close before the Summer and Winter Short-Term Study application deadlines. Please visit the OS-HELP Loan website for deadline dates as late applications will not be accepted.

      Global Experiences Information Sessions

      Students are encouraged to register and attend an information session to receive more details on the short-term application process, eligibility criteria, funding etc.