Each year, a number of Research Experience Programs are offered. The suggested timelines for each program offering are outlined below and may be subject to change:

4. 2023 Winter Research Program

The Winter Research Program is usually offered for four to five (4-5) weeks over the winter inter-semester recess (June to July).  

DateAction Item
TBAApplications open
TBAClosing date for applications
TBAShortlisting period
TBAAll applicants must be notified of their outcome 
TBAFinalise the number of acceptances

Program officially commences

Welcome Event

TBAProgram officially concludes


2022 Global Change Youth Research Program
Applications closed 29 May, 2022. The program runs for 4 weeks over the winter vacation period, and then 1 day a week during semester 2.

2022/2023 Summer Research Program
Applications open 15 August - 18 September 2022. The program usually runs for 6-10 weeks between November to February.

2023 Winter Research Program
The program runs for 4-5 weeks between June to July.