What are Focus Groups?

Focus groups are feedback sessions in which participants are asked to answer questions, discuss topics and possibly brainstorm solutions to existing issues.These sessions can be led by a staff member or student and usually involve working in groups with fellow students.

Should I organise a focus group?

Focus groups are a popular way to gain student opinions as they provide detailed and often robust feedback. They can also be quite time-consuming to run and require detailed planning. Before setting up a focus group, ask yourself:

  • Who's my audience and how am I going to reach them (email, social media etc)?
  • Is the timing of my event appropriate for my target audience?
  • What incentives can I offer to participants (i.e. gift vouchers, free food etc)?
  • Is a focus group the right approach?
  • Would a survey or more informal feedbak sessions be more appropriate?
  • Is there a more creative way to gain this student input?

Why should I take part in a focus group?

For students, focus groups are a great way to make sure the student voice plays an integral role in the teaching and extra-curricular development of UQ. Attending these sessions also allows you to see first-hand how research and evalution is conducted in a professional setting - a great addition to your employability skills and portfolio. View opportunities to have your say across the University via the link below.

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